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This indica dominant mystery strain by LBS is a staple at Canna Cabana, where customers regularly enjoy the couch lock and chill effects of Sunset. Denver is the birthplace of Leafs By Snoop, where The Doggfather himself introduced the brand in late 2015 as legal cannabis was beginning to build steam in the USA.

“The challenge was creating an identity that matched Snoop’s unique personality and style.” said Pentagram, one of America’s most prestigious design agencies out of New York. High end weed for a wide demographic of customers was Snoop’s goal, at a time when he and Martha Stewart were lighting up television sets by cooking munchies with comedians like Seth Rogen.

In Canada, the products were rebranded as LBS without their signature patterned packages to comply with Health Canada regulations. The slogans were removed (Oooouuueee! Smoke Weed Every Day!) but the soul of Snoop’s cannabis brand was unimpeded. Today, not all of our customers know that LBS means Snoop Dogg; the cannabis stands on its own.

Sunset is a frosty indica-dominant strain with a secret genetic lineage, and most batches that we’ve seen in our stores have a high thc percentage. Good weed isn’t just about THC, and Sunset is also attracts customers with vibrant, dark green buds and an easy smoking flavour profile. Stick your nose in the jar and you’ll smell a woody, spicy aroma like the inside of your grandma’s cedar chest. When smoked, black pepper and dried mango peel lingers for just a second on your tongue.

THC Content  18-28%
Indica / Sativa   80% / 20%
CBD Content   0-2%

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The Effects of LBS Sunset

Smooth And Sedated.

A potent indica-dominant hybrid leaning mostly indica, Sunset is known for its strong sedative effects that spread quickly across the body. It’s a traditional couch lock strain, and we often experience buzzing and tingling in our fingers and toes. Inevitably LBS Sunset makes us pass out with a vaguely euphoric, contented mood state that feels like the afterglow of a Ben & Jerry’s binge.

For this reason, we only use Sunset in the evening. Because it’s unlikely we’ll be getting anything done afterward.

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The Grower

Leafs By Snoop in Smith Falls, Ontario

Strain Name



Indica-Dominant Hybrid

Terpene Profile

  • Myrcene: 45%
  • Caryophyllene: 13%
  • Limonene: 11%

LBS Sunset Reviews

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In 2018, Sunset by LBS was awarded the Top High THC Flower at the Canadian Cannabis Awards.

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