Galiano Strain

Galiano by Broken Coast

Welcome back buds! With the arrival of spring we want to take you all on a “trip” to a tiny island on the west coast, Galiano. No need to pack a bag, just bring a lighter. This island is well known for its beautiful scenery and lush greenery, so much so that licensed producers, Broken Coast, named their flagship sativa strain after it. Galiano is a high THC sativa-dominant strain that is certain to make your mouth water with its earthy mocha aroma.

Galiano’s frosty highly textured colas have a THC range from around 15% up to a whopping 25%, making it the perfect strain for spending time outdoors, either barbequing with friends or an afternoon of gardening. You’re going to want to savor the aroma of this strain. Its perfectly balanced terpene ratios of limonene and myrcene have an uplifting and energizing effect with just a hint of natural sweetness. British Columbia is world renowned for producing some of the highest quality cannabis products, and Galiano is no exception to that.

Broken Coast began cultivating cannabis for medicinal purposes back in 2013 and entered the recreational market upon legalization. They have been consistently delivering high grade cannabis by sticking to single room, single batch, single strain crops. They ensure a quality product by hand trimming each flower and never rushing the curing process.

If you’re looking to do some island hopping this summer without breaking the bank, come on in to Canna Cabana and we’ll take you on a tour of “the broken coast”.

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