DNA Genetics – Lemon Skunk Strain

When life gives you lemons, smoke Lemon Skunk.

This award-winning strain is an Amsterdam original known world-wide for its overwhelmingly lemony scent and happy, energetic effects. It’s a strain whose reputation precedes it: in addition to its mention in the High Times “Top 10 Strains of the Year” 2009, it’s the winner of the Spannabis Cup 2008 (Indoor Hydro), Highlife Cup 2007 (Outdoor), and placed second in the IC420 Breeders Cup 2008.

Along with strains like Tangie, Chocolope, and LA Confidential, Lemon Skunk is the product of the careful breeding of DNA Genetics, one of the world’s most well-known seedbanks. Since their establishment fifteen years ago in Amsterdam, DNA has collected over 200 awards in both prestigious and emerging cannabis competitions, such as their strains taking first place in the 710 Degree Cup and the Milano Secret Cup, their own induction into the High Times Seedbank Hall of Fame, and their ranking on the High Times list of 100 influential people in the industry. At the first Cannabis Business Summit in Washington DC, they were awarded the High Times Trail Blazers Award for their leadership in cannabis politics, advocacy, and entrepreneurship. Want to see what that many awards actually looks like? Check out DNA’s display.

Lemon Skunk is a sativa-dominant cross between two Skunks, each chosen for their strong lemony flavour and scent. DNA Genetics bred the plant mother, a Lemon Man phenotype kept for over 20 years in Las Vegas, with a male plant donated by Eddie, famed breeder and former owner of one of the most prestigious seed banks in the Netherlands. This combo gives Lemon Skunk its delicious, complex taste profile of lemon grass, pepper, lime, orange, and cedarwood. It’s a strain you can identify from the first whiff out of the jar, making it a favorite amongst cannaseurs, With a flavor reminiscent of Lemonheads, it’s one part sour, one part tangy, and all parts awesome.


THC Content 17 – 23%
Indica / Sativa   40 – 60%
CBD Content  0 -1%


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The Effects of Lemon Skunk

This sativa-dominant strain offers an uplifting, creative high. Its close balance of sativa and indica hits both the mind and body, perfect for deep conversations or making good art. We like Lemon Skunk for tackling difficult days or prepping our stomachs for a big dinner.

At first, Lemon Skunk’s sativa side provides a gentle euphoria to match its fresh, lemony flavour. But give it some time—after a little while Lemon Skunk’s indica side begins to show, and you’re left with a body stone that isn’t too strong for a midday toke. If we’re looking for something to smoke while experimenting with new snack recipes (Cheetos taste amazing dipped in praline ice cream. Just trust us, they really do.), this is it. Lemon Skunk will definitely have us going back for seconds, no matter what mad-scientist concoction we’ve come up with.

The Grower

Canopy Growth in Smiths Falls, Ontario

Strain Name

Lemon Skunk


Sativa-Dominant Hybrid

Terpene Profile

  • Terpinolene 49%
  • Caryophyllene 21%
  • Alpha/Beta Pinene 18%

DNA Genetics Lemon Skunk Reviews

Top DNA Genetics Lemon Skunk Review on Leafly:

“Lemon skunk is a fantastic daytime strain. It never hits me too hard, it brings me to a great space where I am high, happy, and chill, but still allows me to get things done if I need to. I also love taking this one out on a walk to the beach.”

 – mel_stein

Top DNA Genetics Lemon Skunk Review on Lift & Co.
“I shared a pre-roll of the Lemon Skunk with some friends and had a great time! Felt very uplifting, more like a sativa to me, which was perfect for socializing.”

TheRealMattLove (Budtender), 4 stars

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