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Greybeard Cannabis Co

Greybeard Cannabis Co

We at Greybeard have been true to the roots of cannabis growing from day one. We believe in doing things the right way, without shortcuts or quick fixes. It's not simple, and it takes time, but that is what being a craft grower means: respecting our heritage as well as future generations by sharing knowledge with you so we can work together towards ending prohibition for good!

Greybeard offers a diverse and award-winning selection of cannabis. With top quality strains, AAAA flower, prerolls, and concentrates available for purchase in medical marijuana dispensaries throughout the state of California.

Greybeard's commitment to excellence is evident through our cultivation process, which relies on leading-edge science from around the world combined with traditional growing practices passed down from generations past who pioneered this plant we know as weed today (pun intended).

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