Cannabis Dosing Guide

If you’re new to consuming cannabis by either smoking, vaping, orally ingesting or using topically; it’s important to understand how to correctly dose cannabis

There are many factors to consider when correctly dosing, everyone’s different and it depends on the individual’s body, their tolerance to cannabis and the desired effect. 

Tips for Dosing Cannabis

When dosing cannabis and cannabis products in its various forms, you should start with low amounts and take things slowly. This is essential for beginner cannabis users, to ensure that its effects don’t overwhelm you. 

The intervals of time that you should wait between doses will depend on how you administer cannabis and the amount that you administer. If you’re a new user, consider taking doses of cannabis in the evenings and then transition to mornings, once your body has become familiar with it. 

Ways to Take Cannabis

Here are different ways to administer cannabis. We’ll break down the various methods of taking cannabis, the correct dosage and how long the effects last. 

Smoking Flowers

Smoking is a convenient method of assimilating cannabis into the bloodstream to reap the benefits of marijuana. The nice thing is that you can buy weed online to start your exploration. Smoking can be done through rolling cannabis into joints, smoking pipes and bongs.

Dosing: The average rolled joint has 0.25-0.5g of cannabis.

  • Initial effects: 1-3 minutes

Peak effects and lasting duration of the cannabis flower are variable, depending on the strength of the strain and the smoker’s tolerance to cannabis.

Vape Pens

Vaporizers and vape pens provide users with a convenient way of inhaling cannabis concentrates. As the user inhales, the active ingredients are absorbed directly into the bloodstream. 

Dosing: A deep inhale of 3 seconds delivers 5mg of total cannabinoids into the bloodstream.

  • Initial effects: 3-5 minutes
  • Peak effects: 30 minutes
  • Lasting duration: 1-4 hours

Tincture Drops

Drops usually come as an oil in a tincture bottle. The drops are to be administered directly under the tongue, as a fast-acting medicine that’s absorbed through the mucosal membrane.

Dosing: One drip of 1ml equates to a total of 5mg cannabinoids.

  • Initial effects: 15-60 minutes
  • Peak effects: 1-2 hours
  • Lasting duration: 1-4 hours

Soft Gel Capsules 

One of the most potent delivery methods is soft gel capsules that are metabolized by the liver, resulting in stronger, longer-lasting pain relief for users. 

Dosing: Taking 1 capsule delivers 5mg of cannabinoids. 

  • Initial effects: 60-90 minutes
  • Peak effects: 2-3 hours
  • Lasting duration: 6-8 hours


Applying sprays are an effective method of treating localized pain and discomfort. Sprays should only be used externally and any excess can be rubbed into the skin until it’s completely absorbed. 

Dosing: 1 pump equates to 0.5mg cannabinoids 

Peak effects and lasting duration are variable, depending on the user and the product used. 


Topical lotions should be applied to the skin for the treatment of localized pain and general discomfort. Lotions are for external use only and can be rubbed and massaged in until they’re completely absorbed. 

Dosing: 1 pump equates to 0.25mg cannabinoids 

Peak effects and lasting duration will vary, depending on the product used.