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If you like your cannabis mysterious, look no further than Blue Dream. Despite being one of the most popular cannabis names to break into North American weed culture in the last decade, the original breeder of this high thc strain has gone on the books as anonymous. Today’s version with its signature sweet berry aroma was refined by legendary breeder DJ Short, and in Canada this Aurora Cannabis staple was one of the producer’s original recreational offerings.

Alternatively referred to as Azure Haze, Blue Dream is a sativa dominant hybrid strain widely loved for its earthy blueberry flavour and cerebral high. Thought to have originated in Santa Cruz, the cross between a Blueberry Indica and Silver Haze has a flavourful smoke tasting of crisp wild blueberries and hot clay.


THC Content    17-24%
Indica / Sativa     40% / 60%
CBD Content    2%

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The Effects of Aurora Blue Dream

Highly Social and Creative.

Typical of a sativa-dominant hybrid strain, Blue Dream starts with an initial rush of euphoric creativity. We often experience an enhanced sense of focus, and an internal motivational kick that puts us in the mood for creative writing or journalling. Our customers often report that Aurora’s cultivar leans a little more indica than other Blue Dreams available at Canna Cabana, which we feel helps round out the high into something more mellow.

The strain has a very subtle and gentle way of inducing a euphoric feeling starting in our head and creeping to our toes. Blue Dream provides smokers with an invigorating cerebral effect that isn’t overpowering, and we often enjoy it in the afternoon hours. The strain is perfect for anyone working in a creative environment with others, and often helps us chew through ideas and bounce around solutions.

Aurora Blue Dream balances full body relaxation without making smokers lethargic, or inhibiting clear thought. 

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The Grower

Aurora Cannabis in Edmonton, Alberta

Strain Name

Blue Dream


Sativa-Dominant Hybrid

Terpene Profile

  • Pinene: 40%
  • Myrcene: 35%
  • Terpineol: 15%

Aurora Blue Dream Reviews

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In 2017 and 2018, Aurora Blue Dream was nominated for the Canadian Cannabis Awards hosted by Lift & co.

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