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Our Fav Songs for Smoking Weed

Picture this: it's 6 PM. You're glued to the couch after a hard day’s work, you've got a sweet high going, and you're halfway through some takeout when it hits you ... the house is dead silent. No tunes are playing, no vibes are being felt—and that mind-blowing moment when you take your first bite right as the beat drops? Lost forever.

Lucky for you, there are tons of bands out there to smoke to. Get your playlist ready before you smoke, and never get stuck with dead air again!


Our Picks for the Best Weed Smoking Music

Miles Davis

When you're listening to Miles Davis it's impossible not to picture yourself in a sophisticated jazz bar, rain tapping against the window outside, and the air thick with good smoke and conversation. Go on, try it, we dare you.

Sure, it's an unorthodox choice, but the thing about Miles Davis is you've got so many options depending on the vibe you need. If you want complexity, speed and experimentation, try Bitches Brew. If you want smooth, confident and classy, try his earlier work like Kind of Blue. Regardless of the album, we always end up coming up with lots of ideas when Jazz is flowing in the background. So as a pairing, we’d recommend a sativa-heavy strain, like Spinach's Sour Diesel, to stay creative.


The Flaming Lips

For more than thirty years, The Flaming Lips have been making great music. And for more than thirty years, parents have seen a sudden interest in The Flaming Lips as proof that their kid is smoking pot up in their room.

These warbly cult-rockers are psychedelic, eclectic and philosophical. Yoshimi Battles the Pink Robots is their best effort—it's a great trip, a concept album for when you want to embrace love, empathy, entropy, and bloopy robot battle sounds. Like many things in life, this band is even better when you're with your friends. Try an indica that doesn't hit you too hard and gets you in a nice comfort zone, like Spinach's Sensi Star!


Earl Sweatshirt

Earl Sweatshirt’s early mixtapes were pretty dark, but he’s chilled out a fair bit—now, his recent stuff is more melancholic, introspective and personal.

Earl’s latest mixtapes, Feet of Clay and Some Rap Songs are filled with tracks that hit like quick stream-of-conscious hurricanes, clever wordplay alongside muddy lo-fi beats. It’s heavy stuff that'll suck you in and reward you on multiple listens for sure. If you want to be smoking something that really reflects Earl's introspective lyrics, Pure Sunfarms' Death Bubba is probably the notorious strain you're looking for.


Bob Marley

Okay, did you really think we could go a whole list without mentioning “The King of Reggae”?

Marley aimed to infuse his music with spirituality and purpose, and he accomplishes that on every track he’s on. Prolific in his short time on Earth, he recorded over 13 studio albums. Really take a second to think about it—when was the last time you were upset hearing a Bob Marley song? Can you actually frown while listening to him sing on Three Little Birds? Some things just go well together: peanut butter and jam, and Bob Marley and San Rafael '71's Pink Kush.



Any Progressive Rock band would be a good fit for this list, but if we’re picking one, we’re going with the all-time greats. One of our buddies described them as, “a guitar and drums symphonic orchestra, like a holy text sung to you by angels”. Fittingly enough, our friend was very, VERY stoned at the time.

Yes has got it all—complex guitar solos, wild changes in tempo, dream-like vocals. Also, you have to give props to a band pulling inspiration from both Lord of the Rings and Siddhartha. Heavy on the theatrical, Yes is great when you want to sit back and contemplate the vastness of space or ... The Revealing Science of God. We don’t know what that’s supposed to mean though—you’ll have to ask Yes.

Prepare to dig in for the long haul—a lot of their tracks are known not just their complexity, but length. We recommend keeping snacks, and a lot of Riff's Subway Scientist, close at hand.



You’re probably already singing the chorus of Paper Planes, complete with the cash register noise and gunshots. That's ok. You are accepted here. We won't judge you, like the neighbors do.

Branching out from her hit singles into the rest of her discography will blow your mind even further. M.I.A’s music is a wild mix of hip hop & electronic, dancehall beats & sound clips from Tamil cinema. It's this creative, completely chaotic, fusion-hip-hop that'll get you nodding along right quick. If you want your bowl to match your beats, choose a strain that's all about a good cerebral high, like Spinach's Blue Dream— it fits well with Arula or Kala.


So, did you find any new smokin' tunes?

No matter what you choose to put on, as long as you’re having a great time, you’ve made the right choice. There's way too many bands out there in this big wide world for just one list: stay tuned as we ... uh, "research," more suggestions. We'll share our picks as soon as the smoke clears.

Here’s to this list helping you spark some ideas.

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