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Types of Weed Pipes

Types of Weed Pipes

A good weed pipe is budget-friendly, classic choice for a smoking accessory. Portable, simple, and easy to use, a pipe can be time-saving as opposed to rolling a joint and allows you to smoke any amount of weed, from just a pinch to a full bowl.

However, with so many pipe styles out there, how do you know which is right for you? We put together this guide to teach you everything you need to know about pipes and how to pick one. While bongs and bubblers are technically considered pipes, this guide will focus on "dry pipes."

Let's get started!

What is a Weed Pipe?

A weed pipe is a small, portable device used for smoking cannabis. The anatomy of a weed pipe usually consists of a bowl to hold the cannabis, a chamber to draw smoke from, and a mouthpiece for inhaling, with some having a carb hole to regulate the airflow.

The main purpose of a pipe is to help you burn ground herbs and transform them into smoke to inhale them. Although cannabis pipes are made out of many materials, the most popular are glass pipes since glass is inert, easy to clean, and can be fashioned into all sorts of designs and colours.

About Weed Pipes

Here are the main features of cannabis pipes:

Easy to Use

Weed pipes are known for their simplicity. They require minimal setup with no removable parts, buttons, or any other complex mechanisms. All you need to do is load the bowl, light up the cannabis, and inhale the smoke!


Hand pipes are more compact and easier to carry than water pipes like bongs and dab rigs, making them a perfect on-the-go device for smoking cannabis. Easy to pack and clean, you can use your pipe and immediately pocket it away when you're done.

Wide Availability

If you've ever stepped into a Canna Cabana, you already know many different types of pipes there are. From small and simple one-hitter pipes to long and elegant Gandalf pipes, you can easily find a pipe that gives you the smoking experience you're after.


Since they are widely available and don't require as much material or effort as glass bongs and larger pieces, weed pipes tend to be very affordable, with high-quality pipes costing $10 or less.

Weed Pipe Materials

Here are the different materials used for making smoking pipes:


The most common and widely available glass offers a clean and unadulterated taste of your cannabis. Glass pipes are also easy to clean and maintain, and they don't heat up quickly, making them very comfortable to use.

However, glass pipes can be fragile and prone to breaking, which is why high-quality pieces are made out of resilient borosilicate glass.


Metal pipes are heat resistant and practically unbreakable, so they won't shatter if you drop them or heat them up, but they can get quite hot during use, quickly propagating the heat around the pipe. The metal can also affect the flavor of the smoke, producing a distinct taste that some users tend to avoid.


Silicone pipes are incredibly durable and resistant to impact and heat, making them a perfect travel companion, and they come in multiple fun and colorful designs.

That being said, most silicone pipes still use a borosilicate glass bowl, giving them a weak point. Also, silicone may interact with smoke, not giving you a pure taste while absorbing the odors and flavors from anything you smoke.


Stone pipes are harder to find, but they're known for their unique and rustic appearance. They are often carved from various types of stone like soapstone, marble, or onyx, making them quite heat resistant.

However, stone pipes can be heavy and less portable compared to other materials, and you have to make sure the stone used to make the pipe is inert since some materials, like fluorite and other crystals, can interact with heat, releasing harmful byproducts you won't want to inhale.


Wood pipes offer you a classic and rustic charm while giving you a unique and smooth smoking experience, often enhanced by the kind of wood chosen to make the pipe. But, wooden pipes are short-lived and require regular maintenance to prevent drying and cracking.


Ceramic pipes are known for their unique and artistic designs that give you a clean and untainted taste of your cannabis. Ceramic pipes are durable and resistant to heat like glass but, just like glass, can be quite fragile. Since they're opaque, it can be challenging to clean them, especially with complex and artisanal designs.

Different Types of Weed Pipes

Here are the most common kinds of weed pipes:

Spoon Pipes

spoon pipe

Spoon pipes are one of the most common and recognizable weed pipe types. They have a simple, straightforward design with a curved chamber that houses the bowl, a carb hole, typically located on the side, and a mouthpiece. One of our bestselling spoon pipes is the Cabana Cannabis Co. Afterglow Spoon, an affordable choice that comes in several colours.

Sherlock Pipes

sherlock pipe

Sherlock pipes are known for their elegant, curved design. They typically have a deep bowl, and, some Sherlock pipes feature longer stems (making them Gandalf pipes) that help the smoke cool down through the longer pathway. If you're looking for one you can put in your pocket, however, take a look at the Puff Puff Pass Sour Diesel Sherlock Pipe.



Chillum pipes are compact, straight pipes with a narrow tube for inhaling. They are essentially straight, tube-shaped pipes with a bowl at one end and a mouthpiece at the other, and using them is similar to smoking a joint.

Glass Blunts

glass blunt

Glass blunts offer a twist on the traditional blunt by replacing the tobacco leaf with a glass tube, often adding a device to twist the cannabis out of the pipe as you smoke it. They require very minimal set-up; you can just pack the glass tube with ground cannabis and begin!

Dugout Pipes

dugout pipe

Dugout pipes are discreet and portable smoking devices that consist of a small wooden or metal box with two compartments: one for the pipe (often a one-hitter) and the other for storing ground cannabis. As the name implies, all you need to prep is to pour your dry herb from your grinder into the compartment and dig out a load with your one-hitter.

Hammer Pipes

hammer pipe

Hammer pipes feature a distinctive shape that resembles a hammer, giving you a comfortable grip while allowing you to safely set it down. Hammer pipes like the Famous X Papaya Hammer Pipe are bright and flashy, comfortable to hold, and easy to operate.

Steamroller Pipes

steamroller pipe

Steamroller pipes have a straight, cylindrical design with a large chamber and a carb hole at the end. Smoking weed with them is a bit different than with other pipes since you have to inhale from one end while covering the carb hole to build up smoke and release it for a strong draw, typically meaning you get larger hits.

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