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Types of Cannabis Edibles

Types of Cannabis Edibles

Cannabis edibles are an alternative way to consume THC without actually having to smoke.  Smell-free, discreet, and easy to take with you, they're a great way to consume cannabis anywhere that vape pens, joints, and bongs wouldn't be appropriate. Edibles are extremely versatile, and you can even make your own! Try our pre-made gummies and soft chews, chocolates, cookies, brownies, beverages, and more.

Looking for an alternative to edibles, but want to keep things simple? Read on here about cannabis oils and soft gels.

The Different Kinds of Edibles

Edibles, like all cannabis products, should be used with caution. Edibles you purchase at a licensed retailer like Canna Cabana will have a predictable dosage. This helps greatly when deciding how much THC you want to consume. You know exactly how much THC or CBD you'll be taking, every time.

Typically, the most common edibles available are:

Any edible you purchase at a licensed retailer will have a maximum of 10mg of THC. Check the packaging on your edible to see how this THC is distributed. For gummies, this is typically done per piece. For example, a pack of four gummies will typically have 2.5mg of THC per piece, allowing you to moderate what dosage you want.

From sugar-coated gummies to peanut butter cups to crunchy peppermint chocolates, the range of edibles available is fast-growing and diverse. If you have a favourite flavour, you're sure to find it in edible form!

Gummies & Soft Chew Edibles

Gummies are our bestselling form of edibles, and are known for their discreetness, wide range, and ease of dosage. Infused sweets come in soft chew gummies, hard candies, and lozenges, and all different flavors from fruity peach, lemon, and strawberry, to caramels and mint. Dosages are also easy to calculate, as you can start with a low amount of CBD/THC concentrate from one gummy, wait about 30 minutes to an hour, and then gauge how you feel.

Cannabis-Infused Beverages

cannabis infused drink

Now available in a slew of different flavours, potencies, and sizes, the selection of cannabis beverages is not what it was just a few years ago. From refreshing teas to sparkling waters and even flavor shots, there is a drink for everyone. For options best served with ice, try carbonated beverages like sparkling waters from Quatreau. Alternatively, hot beverage options include coffee, tea, and hot chocolates like this range from Emprise.

Cannabis-Infused Food

cannabis edibles

Calling all stoner foodies and chefs, it’s your time to shine. If none of these options seemed delicious to you, or you just want to experiment in the kitchen, purchase an ingestible blend oil designed for consumption as a weed edible. The Reign Drops 30:0 Blend Oil is infused with potent cannabis. If you prefer to DIY cannabutter, start with flower and follow the steps to bake, cook, or find any recipe to infuse.

Edible Alternatives: Soft-gels and Oils

Capsules and soft gels are a great smoke-free alternative as a way to quickly ingest THC and cannabis if you aren’t a big foodie but also aren't a fan of joints, vapes, or bongs. Get an exact dose each time, as each capsule is packed with cannabinoids, and choose from a wide variety like these Hybrid CBD and THC Soft Gels and Indica THC capsules. 

Just like edibles, soft-gels come in a range of sizes, strengths, and makeup. For example, these Multicannabinoid Blends from Nuleaf are formulated not only with THC, but with other minor cannabinoids like CBC, CBN, and CBG.