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The Best Weed Pipes in 2023

The Best Weed Pipes in 2023

Glass hand pipes are a quintessential device for smoking cannabis. That's why you can find them in every size, style, and color, which is great for variety but can make it hard to choose the perfect pipe.

Here, we'll show you everything you need to know to pick the perfect glass pipe for you, then go over the best-selling weed pipes we have for sale online at Canna Cabana.

Be sure to check out our blog post on the different types of weed pipes for a refresher, if you need one!

Let's dive right in!

Why are Weed Pipes so Popular?

Here's why weed pipes are so popular.


Weed pipes are among the cheapest smoking devices you can get, even when getting a high-quality piece. Unlike more complex and expensive devices like vaporizers or bongs, weed pipes are very affordable, allowing you to find a good option for practically every budget.

Wide Variety

If you've gone to a smoke shop, you already know weed pipes come in a wide variety of shapes, sizes, and materials. Whether you prefer the timeless appeal of a glass pipe, the durability of metal, or the natural aesthetics of a wooden pipe, there's a weed pipe to match your taste. Plus, you can get more complex pipes to better cool off your smoke, giving you a smoother smoking experience,

Simple and Convenient

Weed pipes are probably the simplest way of setting up your smoke sesh. With no water chambers, no vape pods, and no rolling papers, you can simply load your bowl directly off your weed grinder and light up.

Their compact size makes them perfect travel companions for smoking weed, and their simple design means there's less chance of malfunction or technical difficulties.

What to Look For in a Weed Pipe

Here's what you should keep in mind when picking your next piece:


Determine how much you're willing to spend on a weed pipe. Fortunately, as previously mentioned, cannabis pipes are pretty affordable smoking accessories. That being said, some more expensive pipes may offer enhanced durability, features, or craftsmanship, making them a better long-term choice.

Style and Functionality

There are several types of weed pipes, from one-hitters and chillums to Gandalf pipes, glass blunts, dugouts, and more. Each style offers a different smoking experience. Choose a style that fits your preferences and smoking style.

Glass Quality

If you're opting for a glass pipe, inspect the glass quality. High-quality borosilicate glass is known for its durability and resistance to heat, offering you a cleaner taste while being less likely to crack or break with temperature changes. Thicker glass pipes are less likely to break from minor impacts or heat exposure.

Also, pay attention to the craftsmanship and finish of the glass pipe. Smooth and well-finished joints, clean lines, and even glass thickness are all indicators of high quality.


Certain brands have become known for their quality and dependability. A good way to gauge a brand's trustworthiness is to check for a warranty or visit a Canna Cabana.

The 10 Best Weed Pipes in 2023

Ready to get a new pipe? Here are the best weed pipes available for sale on Canna Cabana!

Puff Puff Pass Sour Diesel Strain Pipe

Sherlock Pipe - Sour Diesel Strain Pipe

Celebrate your favorite strain with Puff Puff Pass strain-themed pipes! With designs inspired by different strains, this portable Sherlock pipe is made of high-quality borosilicate glass.

Also available in these other "strains":

Aurora Hammer Bubbler

Hammer Bubbler - Clear

The Aurora Hammer Bubbler combines the convenience of a glass pipe with the water filtration of a bubbler, giving you smooth hits. This water pipe comes with a wide water chamber and a flat bottom to keep it right side up.

Cabana Cannabis Co The Afterglow Spoon

Cabana Cannabis Co The Afterglow Spoon

The Cabana Cannabis Co Afterglow Spoon is a simple and elegant glass spoon pipe. Made out of borosilicate glass, the Afterglow Spoon is a compact pipe with a generous bowl, perfect to take anywhere.

Papaya Hammer Pipe

Papaya Hammer Pipe

The Papaya Hammer Pipe is a bright pipe with a colorful psychedelic print. Crafted from high-quality borosilicate glass, this pipe features a built-in screen and a deep bowl.

Famous X Straight Bubbler

Straight Bubbler - Black

The Famous X Straight Bubbler is a sleek, hand-blown bubbler that's both durable and stylish. Equipped with a water chamber, this pipe offers the filtration of the best bongs in a compact and resilient piece!

Famous X Spoon Pipe

Famous X Spoon Pipe - Clear

The Famous X Spoon Pipe is a resilient and classic spoon pipe you can easily pocket. Made out of borosilicate glass with a carb hole and a comfortable mouthpiece, this simple and discreet device shows you can get a high-quality smoking pipe without breaking the bank.

Canna Cabana Silicone Guitar Pipe

Canna Cabana Silicone Guitar Pipe

The Canna Cabana Silicone Guitar Pipe combines a memorable guitar-shaped body with a glass bowl to allow you to smoke anywhere. Practically indestructible, this heat-resistant pipe is very easy to clean and transport.

Aurora Sherlock Pipe

Aurora Sherlock Pipe - Black

The Aurora Sherlock Pipe offers a classic and timeless design that's elegant and capable of giving you a cool and smooth smoking experience. Crafted from thick borosilicate glass, this resilient little device features a built-in ash catcher, screen, and carb hole to help you regulate airflow.

Famous X "Surrender" Hammer Pipe

Famous X Hammer Pipe - Surrender

The Famous X "Surrender" Hammer Pipe is a sleek and elegant borosilicate glass pipe with a unique aesthetic. Made out of black glass and adorned with golden prints, this elegant-looking pipe comes with a carb hole, a deep bowl, and a bulbous and comfortable mouthpiece.

Famous X "Space" Hammer Pipe

Famous X Space Hammer - Blue Hammer Pipe

The Famous X "Space" Hammer Pipe is a memorable piece that is perfect to add to your collection. With a geometric pattern, this hammer pipe features a built-in screen, carb hole, and built-in ash catcher to give you a smooth smoking session.

Buy the Best Weed Pipes Online

Ready to pick a new pipe for you? Head over to our collection of weed pipes in our online head shop to see more options, and don't forget to take a look at our bongs, dab rigs, and vaporizers to complete your collection!