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Where to Legally Buy Cannabis Online in Ontario

Where to Legally Buy Cannabis Online in Ontario

When cannabis was legalized in October 2018, Canadian residents were given the opportunity to purchase recreational cannabis in stores across Canada. When purchasing cannabis online legally, the rules are a little different. 

Medical patients have been able to purchase legal cannabis online for a lot longer than recreational users. However, the legalization has led to recreational cannabis consumers being able to purchase in stores and online. Each province has set its own legislation in regard to the sale and purchase or recreational weed online. So, it’s important to check your province’s laws before buying any cannabis products on the internet. 

When it comes to each province’s laws, they tend to vary around the legalities of the sale and purchase of cannabis. Some of the Canadian provinces will let you legally buy directly from a private cannabis retailer’s website. But, if you live in British Columbia, Ontario, Quebec or New Brunswick, you’ll need to purchase your cannabis online from a government website. 

How Does Buying Cannabis Online Work 

The nationwide legalization of cannabis has led to consumers being able to purchase in cannabis stores and on the internet if you’re a resident of Canada. We’re so accustomed with using the internet that purchasing cannabis has been made easy and convenient, and can even be done from the comfort of our own homes. Ordering marijuana online is subtle and discreet, the added layer of discretion that ordering online provides means you don’t have to walk into a store. 

When purchasing your cannabis online, you’ll need to abide by the province’s laws and regulations. You need to be at least 19 years of age when buying cannabis in Ontario and will have to verify your age with the online cannabis retailer. Once your age has been successfully verified, you’ll be able to purchase from a selection of available strains. 

Up to 30 grams of cannabis can be held in possession in Ontario and the same goes for every online order when you buy weed online. That means you can order 30 grams every time you make an order with an online cannabis store or government website. To purchase online in Ontario, you can use major payment methods like credit or debit cards, popular providers like Visa and Mastercard are accepted. After your order has been processed from the website you purchased from, you can expect to receive it within the timeframe listed on the website. 

Where to Buy Cannabis Online Legally in Ontario

Purchasing cannabis legally in Ontario can now be done online at licensed retailers like Canna Cabana’s online cannabis store.

Buying Cannabis Online Legally and Safely in Ontario

Always purchase online cannabis from a trusted government store in Ontario to ensure that’s high-quality and has been to comply with Canadian law. An official government store ensures that you’re not breaking any laws and also purchasing cannabis that’s pure and free from any contaminants. 

It may be tempting to purchase cannabis from a private online retailer and having it shipped to Ontario but by doing so, you run the risk of being fined or facing prosecution.