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What is Kush?

What is Kush?

The word “kush” has made cameos in the name of cannabis strains, shouted out in the lyrics of rap songs, and even can be found in the pages of some ancient Arabic texts. But what exactly is kush, and why is it the so-called king of the cannabis world? 

What is Kush?

Kush is known as the King of Cannabis.

There are dozens of ways to classify cannabis. “Kush” is one of them. Kush strains are a certain variety of cannabis that hail from the Hindu-Kush mountain range, a five-hundred mile long spectacle of nature in the Himalayas. This mountain range in Asia is one of the only areas where cannabis grows naturally in the wild, thus solidifying this “kingdom” as the birthplace of the world’s favorite plant.

Strains that mother nature produced (also known as "landrace" strains) in this region are referred to as kush strains, and they have certain characteristics that make them distinguishable from other cannabis flowers.

Thanks to their ancient history, and these optimal growing conditions that yield a near-perfect plant, kush strains reign supreme as the king of the cannabis world.

You may hear “kush” used as slang to refer to high-quality buds from any background, but make no mistake, only pure strains with genetics from this region have the honor of holding that title.

What are the characteristics of kush strains?

There are a handful of ways to tell the difference between kush strains and other varieties of cannabis, and you can spot them all using simply your five senses:

  • Taste: Kush strains have incredibly smooth, strikingly herbal flavors on the exhale. You may notice a hint of grape, or even a flowery-fragant taste, which is a nice complement to the trademark gassy stench of the powerful kush flower. 
  • Smell: These buds have an herbal aroma that smells as powerful as it tastes. Every strain will vary genetically, but you can expect musky, robust, and gaseous fragrances emitting from kush strains - whether you’re toking one in a pipe or simply smelling the flower as it grows in the wild.
  • Sight: Kush strains are known to have deep emerald green colors and generous amounts of purple leaves popping up around the nugs. You can expect fiery orange and bronze hairs (pistils) wrapping around each flower. Even untouched in the wild, kush plants are a colorful spectacle of nature to behold, and can feature dozens of shades of green, purple and orange in every nug.
  • Feel: These ancient strains lean toward the indica side, with heavy properties that are known to couch lock. You can anticipate the bouts of euphoria and rush of a pleasant mood that accompany a good sesh, but note that kush strains are widely enjoyed for their more meditative properties.

Remember: Cannabis plants are just as complex as any other plant or flower, so note that each strain will have different attributes depending on its unique genetic makeup, and no two strains are identically alike.

What Kush strains should I try?

Anyone interested in enjoying the effects of these legendary strains can give OG Kush a shot, a strain that’s aptly named for being bred from one of the original Kush strains. It’s arguably one of the most popular strains of all time, and provides effects that can back up those claims.

While its full genetics are a bit of a mystery, OG Kush was created in the early 90s by crossing Chemdawg, Lemon Thai, and Hindu Kush. To taste these famous genetics, you can try Powdered Donuts, Pink Kush, Girl Scout Cookies, and Wedding Cake.

Hindu Kush is another must-try. As its name suggests, this bud boasts that it hails directly from the Hindu Kush mountain range, so you’ve got to give it a taste for an authentic Kush experience.

Bubba Kush was bred from an original kush strain plus Northern Lights, another infamous strain, giving this bud the best of both ancient and modern worlds. You can expect potent, flavorful effects with every toke of this signature strain.