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What Is Hash, and How Do You Use It?

What Is Hash, and How Do You Use It?

Never heard of hash, or curious about what makes it tick? Let’s go through all the hash basics to get you started on this cannabis classic!


What is hash?

Hash is a cannabis concentrate made from compressing the trichomes, or the resin glands, of cannabis plants.

Trichomes house the THC of the cannabis plant, and pack a potent punch when they’re pressed together and processed to form hash. Hash contains an impressive spectrum of cannabinoids and terpenes that work in harmony to create a stronger, more concentrated product than the average cannabis flower. To learn more about terpenes and cannabinoids, check out our indica vs sativa and terpene breakdown!


Where does hash come from?

You may have heard hash referred to as “hashish.” The term “hashish” derives from Arabic cultures and is still widely used to refer to this substance today. Hash has a long and interesting history, as the earliest recorded dates of its consumption stretch back a handful of centuries. One of the earliest recorded mentions of smoking hash is in a collection of Middle Eastern and South Asian folk tales that date back to the Middle Ages, where average people and royalty alike would kick back after a long day with a pipe of hashish. Tales of its otherworldly effects soon spread like wildfire, and soon enough hash had made its way around the globe.


How is hash made?

Fast forward to today, and there’s no need to scour the world for a taste of this once exotic smoke. Anyone can make hash with just regular cannabis leaves and kief - as long as the bud is the trichome-heavy type. Making hash includes removing the trichome glands from the plant and compressing them into a solid slab, similar to a brick. Smoke just a few crumbles of hash, whether homemade or store-bought, and you’ll instantly see why this dank delicacy has been popular forever.


What’s the difference between weed and hash?

For years, some people used the terms weed and hash interchangeably, but both substances have very different properties. While it’s true both hash and weed come from the cannabis plant, weed refers to the dried flowers of the plant itself, and hash is the concentrate created from the plant’s resin.

Both weed and hash give the user that sought-after “high” feeling, but hash is a bit more on the potent side due to its concentration. Weed comes in the form of buds, nugs, and kief, and the plant is most recognizable as that 5-7-fingered leaf we all love. Hash looks different. It’s a dark brown slab-like mass that breaks off into gritty but fine particles, kind of like an ultra-dense cocoa powder.

Make no mistake - while they do have similar effects, hash can be up to three times as potent as plain old weed, so proceed with caution. Just a sprinkling or so in a bowl or bong is enough to get the job done.


How can you use hash?

Similar to weed, hash can be smoked in a bowl, bong, or joint. It can be vaporized as well, if the vaporizer is hash-friendly.

Smoking hash is easily the most common method of consuming it. After learning about its lengthy and rich history, it is tradition after all. Hash can be smoked on its own, but many people prefer to toss some on top of a bowl of bud and let the flavors mix and mingle together. We recommend having weed on deck when it comes time to test your hash out - cocoon the hash in a little bit of weed for maximum “smoke-ability,” flavor and effect.


In a bowl or bong:

Grind up some bud, pack your piece, and simply toss some hash on top of the bud. If you don’t have any bud, add a titanium or glass screen to your bowl and rest your hash on top. This keeps the hot hash from making its way into the pipe and burning your lips, or lining the inside of the piece with melty gunk.

In a joint:

Lay out a rolling paper and grind up some bud. Add your desired amount of bud into the paper and crush some hash on top of it. The hash burns best when its nestled, or cocooned between bud, so add another layer of bud on top to ensure a smooth smoke. Roll it up, light it and enjoy.

In a vaporizer:

Hash needs higher temps to activate it. Make sure your vaporizer can reach around 210 Celsius. Some standard weed vapes do, so no need to run out and buy a new one. Add a little weed to the chamber, put some hash atop that, and top it off with a bit more weed for good measure. Try to avoid the hash touching the chamber of your piece, as it could potentially mess up the heating element of your piece.

In the kitchen:

Just like cannabis, hash makes a splash in just about any dish you can imagine. You’ll have to decarboxylate the hash using the oven, but once that process is over, the sky is the limit. Bake your hash at 240ºF for 20 to 30 minutes then infuse into a fatty carrier, like butter or oil. The hash has an earthy and complex flavor profile that’s rumored to taste best in savory foods, but you can’t go wrong with a classic hash brownie either.


Can you buy hash?

Yes! It’s been around for centuries, so hash is a staple in modern-day dispensaries for a reason. It’s super potent, smells great, and is an interesting and fun way to enjoy the effects of cannabis. Just proceed with caution and start by smoking just a little bit - a little bit goes a long way!

To buy hash near you, check out our hash menu here!