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What is Cannabis Oil?

What is Cannabis Oil?

Looking for a new way to enjoy your weed?

Cannabis oil is a hot topic in the cannabis world these days. This unique way of consuming cannabis is taking over, and we get why! Consuming cannabis oil is, by nature, more quick and discreet than smoking, and for that reason more and more people give it a try. It's an easy way to enjoy nature's perfect plant without any hassle or hardware needed. But what is cannabis oil, and how is it any different than smoking flower?

Cannabis oil is simply the cannabis plant’s active ingredients and compounds extracted into a carrier oil. Typically, the carrier oil is hemp or MCT oil. While there are many methods of extracting, CO2 extraction is a popular method as it removes additives or fillers from the substance. 

What’s the difference between CBD oil and THC oil?

Not all cannabis oil is alike. CBD and THC oil provide very different effects. You can have a combination of the two or strictly one isolated with the other removed, such as pure CBD oil. CBD oil is very common, and great for those looking for wellness benefits over psychoactive effects.

THC is the active ingredient in cannabis that gives you that proverbial “high”. That psychoactive effect that you feel when using cannabis is due to the THC. Without any THC in your cannabis oil, as is the case with many CBD oils, you can indulge without getting high.

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How do you dose cannabis oil?

As with any other method of experimenting with cannabis, discovering your perfect dose is a journey - and let’s call that journey a marathon, not a sprint. Start slow with a low dose and be mindful of how you feel every half hour or so. This is a smart way to start - sometimes less is more. Everyone digests and absorbs the cannabis oil a bit differently due to body weight and genetic differences. You can always increase your dose as you go. It is easy to get carried away when infusing it into a recipe, so be cautious at first to avoid couch lock.

How can cannabis oil be used? 

There are endless ways to enjoy cannabis oil, and it can be incorporated into your daily routine at just about every step. Place a few drops into your morning coffee while you prepare for the day, or pop a quick capsule in the evening as a part of your nighttime routine. The possibilities are endless, but here are some ideas:

Under your tongue - Taking cannabis oil sublingually is a discrete and efficient way to feel the effects. The oil is absorbed by the mucus membranes under your tongue first, then into your bloodstream. Avoiding digestion all together, this method is faster than ingesting oil via an infused beverage or edible. By taking cannabis oil sublingually, some people experience the effects in as little as 15 minutes.

Infused drinks - Smoothies, mocktails, teas - you name it! Infusing a beverage does take a bit longer for the effects of the cannabis oil to kick in (compared to the “under the tongue” method), but it is a creative, refreshing, and flavorful way to unwind. 

Cooking and baking - Pop a few drops of cannabis oil into your Sunday pasta sauce, birthday cake frosting, or any other recipe you have planned for the week. With just a drop or two of cannabis oil in any staple part of your dish, you can have a decadent infused delicacy in seconds. Go crazy!

Capsules - Pre-portioned cannabis oil capsules are an easy, portable way to ingest your cannabis oil as they require no dosing or measuring of the oils. Simply pop a capsule and kick back. Remember, start with just one and navigate how the effects make you feel before trying a second. 

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