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Top 10 Activities For 420 Month

Top 10 Activities For 420 Month

Hey Cabana Club, it’s 420 all month long!

Weed lovers around the world have been waiting, uh… about a hundred years for this! Sure, we thought we’d be doing a lot more Puff Puff Pass’ing with friends, but in the name of public health and safety we’ll be spending a lot of April indoors by ourselves.

While this might be a problem for your gym routine (lol) or your dating life (no swipe for you!), it’s certainly not a problem for a killer 420 month.

We agree that cannabis pairs wonderfully with social and productive activities, but some might argue that being glued to the couch with nowhere to be is a happy position for the lover of weed.

We’ve spent the last week smoking and vaping the day away with a houseplant named Wilson, and he’s got plenty of ideas about how we might enjoy this sacred stoner holiday together. So check out our list of everything you must do while you’re stuck inside for 420, and make sure you follow our instagram because we’ll be updating you every time we dream up a new one.

Also, if you know a guy for some toilet paper please share the plug (asking for a friend).

#1. Learn To Buy Good Weed

Before legalization, buying good weed was a lot more difficult. Evaluating flower with your senses was necessary, and cannabis users developed the skills required to smell, feel, and taste good bud to avoid getting ripped off by unscrupulous suppliers.

Getting your hands on top-shelf cannabis is easier than ever, with legal retail stores (like yours truly) providing safe products from licensed producers that are held to the highest standards of quality control. Being able to identify good weed can help you navigate the many strain choices we stock at Canna Cabana.

Keeping track of your favourite weed has never been easier, thanks to our Beginners Guide To Good WeedStart smelling, squishing, snapping, eyeballing and tasting your way to cannabis expert status.

Check out Broken Coast Cannabis for a great example of top-shelf cannabis. Ruxton and Quadra are our favourites in the shop!

#2. Explore The Illuminati Origins Of 420 With Cheech & Chong

Do you still think that 420 is the police-code for a marijuana related infraction? How about Bob Marley’s birthday? Before you scroll down and learn the real answer, why don’t you join our friends Cheech & Chong on a highly educational look at how Ancient Aliens and secret societies are really behind 420.

As Mr.Chong puts it: “The true 420 experience is something you can never remember.”


Now, for the real facts (from the weed nerds on our content team):

“The origin story of 420 was born in California in 1971, where five students at San Rafael High School would meet daily at the campus’ statue of Louis Pasteur to spark joints and hunt for a mythical patch of free cannabis in the nearby Point Reyes Forest. They used the word ‘420’ as code for ‘cannabis’, and later hosted parties alongside The Grateful Dead (one of them became a roadie for bassist Phil Lesh) encouraging fans and friends to smoke ‘420’ on April 20th at 4:20. One of their 420 flyers ended up with a High Times reporter who published it in the magazine in 1991, and soon it had become known worldwide as the international stoners holiday.”

Here in Canada, San Rafael carries on the legacy by “growing the good $h!#” in their Greater Toronto Area facility. If you want to try some of their stash, we recommend the Pink Kush! Check if its in stock at your local Canna Cabana while you sit on your couch.

#3. Curate Rare Cheetos Artwork

Do you have a bag of Cheetos lying around? Chances are you will at some point this month. While you’re gnashing away on the fluorescent orange ambrosia, make sure you do a double take… your Cheeto could actually be a rare piece of art. In 2017, Frito Lay opened up the Cheeto museum in Times Square, where oddly shaped Cheetos were showcased for all to marvel at.

They also held a $50,000 fan challenge for the best piece of Cheetos art.

While the market for Cheetos art is shady at best, hunting for rare Cheetos is a delicious and enjoyable pastime. Perhaps you’ll find a new piece of art to showcase on your mantlepiece? In any case, we expect it to be delicious.

Please take a photo and share your Cheetos art with us by tagging canna cabana on instagram. You can’t win $50,000, but we’ll sure enjoy it.

If you’re going to eat your way through a bag of Cheetos, you need to try Bakerstreet by Tweed. It’s usually in stock, and nothing gives us the munchies like a bowlful of Hindu Kush.

#4. Tune In To The Adam Dunn Show

If your socially distanced household is starting to feel a little lonely, why not invite a cannabis industry legend into your living room for a smoke sesh? Adam Dunn moved to Amsterdam and started educating tourists about cannabis in the late 90’s, at the C.I.A (Cannabis In Amsterdam) center. He eventually co-founded Hemp HoodLamb clothing co. (now known as Hemp Tailor) and T.H.Seeds, winning a High Times Cup ‘Best Indica’ in 2003 as the creator of the ever-popular MK Ultra strain.

The Adam Dunn show is a weekly 2+ hour long podcast where Adam invites scores of cannabis industry growers, retailers, and enthusiasts to smoke weed, do dabs, and talk about anything and everything related to marijuana.

If you’ve got chores to do (the pizza boxes are piling up…) or want to fill a soul-sucking void of silence, putting Adam’s show on in the background is like producing a garage full of friends on demand. Just don’t try and keep up with their bong & V-Carta hits, or the chores aren’t getting Dunn.

You can full-screen the youtube channel, or subscribe to the podcast.

Pair The Adam Dunn Show with some MK Ultra by Aurora Cannabis. He invented it, after all.

#5. Start Betting On Bizarre Internet Fights

When you’re tired of reading the headlines, try turning your attention to the bizarre world of internet betting in an AI-Controlled fighting simulator. Sit back and watch pop culture icons, 90s TV stars, politicians, and obscure anime characters battle it out while you wager Salty Bucks (no real money here) against other human observers on the interweb. 

Who would win between Bob Sagat and a giant, flying cat monster? You can only find out by visiting Salty Bet. After watching a few matches, the intensity of an imaginary bet riding on the outcome of these ridiculous battles can be heart-pounding.

Quick note: if you’re sensitive, consider minimizing or turning off the chat. People on the internet can say some wacky things, and we prefer to stay focused on the fun part.

Nothing gets the blood pumping like the Jean Guy strain, a fiesty sativa from Quebec. Our budtenders recommend 7Acres as our favourite Jean Guy in stock.

#6. Cook Up Some Edibles

Social isolation has led to grocery store shelves being scarce on flour, yeast, and other baking supplies as all of Canada decides to learn about homemade sourdough. We agree that baking bread is rad – but if you’re going to all the trouble of preparing food, shouldn’t it get you high? 

Jesse Milns / Leafly

Making edibles at home starts with making weed butter. It’s a fairly simple process, requiring 7-14 grams of dried cannabis and a few sticks of butter, and some basic kitchen items. Here at Canna Cabana we’ve tried a number of different recipes from across the internet, and have concluded that Leafly has the best instructions.

Although plenty of you expert Nug Riders might be looking for a highly potent specimen when it comes to your edibles, some of us like to eat 2-3 cookies without landing on mars. That’s why we’d recommend going with a low-THC strain (around 10%) so you can do more worry-free munching. Of course, you can bake with some #fullgas weed if you’d like – we just hope you’re not busy for like a whole month.

Pair it with a Magic Butter Machine. We stock them at most of our locations, and it turns the whole process into a one-button affair.

#7. Binge Strain Hunters

The Strain Hunters have spent the last 34 years scouring the earth for rare landrace strains of cannabis, and watching them trek across Africa, Asia and South America is an experience that every cannabis lover should enjoy. Many of today’s popular strains today originated from GreenHouse Seed Co., and founder Arjun Roskam the ‘King of Pot’ leads these documentary expeditions into locations like Malawi, Swaziland, and Morocco. 

Strain Hunter Franco Loja is beautifully documented in these videos, showcasing his passion and enthusiasm for the plant. Sadly, Franco passed away in 2017 while researching CBD and its impact on Malaria victims in Africa, where he also contracted the disease. Watching him describe and enjoy cannabis is sure to put a smile on your face – RIP Franco.

Pair it with Franco’s Lemon Cheese by 48 North, in tribute to Franco’s favourite strain.

#8. Play Cross Country Canada

Did you grow up in the 90s? Chances are, you played Cross Country Canada in a computer lab at some point. The delightfully simple game about trucking various commercial goods across Canada is every bit as pleasant as you remember. If you’re itching to get out of the house, there’s no better escape than taking a blunt ride into the great Northern Country while hauling a shipment of potash to Whitecourt Alberta.

With no download required, you can play Cross Country Canada on the internet archive for free. Don’t forget to turn your lights on!

Before you get behind the strictly virtual wheel, Chocolate Fondue by DNA Genetics is our strain of choice for an alert, energetic, and yet physically relaxed blunt ride. Melt into the captain’s chair of your imaginary 18-wheeler, but definitely never drive high for real. Ever. 

#9. Watch Weed Grow To Hall Of The Mountain King

Do you grow weed? If you’ve never witnessed the majesty of watching your favourite plant grow in time-lapse, then this video by SKUNK1BERRI is the best place to start on the internet. This little cannabis seed goes through its full marijuana grow cycle to Hall Of The Mountain King by Edvard Grieg (if you haven’t heard of him, ask your great grand-pappy).

It’s getting close to cannabis growing season, and if you’re planning a grow during quarantine make sure you snag a photo and tag us @canna.cabana on instagram. We’d love to see it!

One of the tallest cannabis plants you can grow is White Widow, although we only sell it in bud form (7 Acres is our favourite) for now.

#10. Clean Your Bong

Nobody can blame you for having a dirty bong during 420 month. But if you’ve had a dirty bong since last 420, it’s probably time to put on a good movie and spend some time caring for your glass!

Cleaning your bong, pipe, or vaporizer keeps your weed tasting fresh. Residue that builds up on the glass can alter the flavour of your smoke, and you definitely want to be using fresh water for every session. Luckily, you can use some simple household items to clean your bongs and pipes with a little extra elbow grease.

Our friends over at have a great tutorial here. If you’d prefer to spend less time cleaning and more time smoking, then we’ve got bong cleaner like Purple Power and Randy’s Black on sale for 25% off all 420 month long at Canna Cabana.

Whichever way you plan to get the cleaning done, Grand Daddy Purple is our strain of choice for keeping your nerves calm while scrubbing glass. Subway Scientist by RIFF is our go-to for some high quality GDP. Fancy something else, because why not, buy weed online.


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