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The Cabana Holiday Gift Guide

The Cabana Holiday Gift Guide

Finding the perfect gift for the stoner in your life ain’t easy. Lucky for you, this year you’ve got a little help from your expert budtenders at Canna Cabana!

We’ve put together our favourite things that surprise and delight our friends and family. Read on for ideas at any price, plus sweet holiday deals so you can gift more, for less. Or, browse our catalog and buy weed online!

Deals on from Dec 14th to Dec 25th, 2020.

Because good things come in little packages.


Ace Valley Gummies

There’s nothing like candy on the holidays. Available in soothing blue-raspberry lavender or tangy grapefruit, these little gummies are a delight to the taste buds. They’re the perfect way to get your THC without any smoke, vapour, or prep of any kind. They’re even vegan!

Legend Holiday Chocolates

Weed + chocolate = happiness. These delicious chocolates are a part of Legend’s incredible signature lineup from Alberta-based, fourth-generation master chocolatier Bernard Callebaut. His award-winning chocolate recipe, coupled with Indiva’s premium cannabis, makes for an exceptional, delicious experience.

Just in time for the holidays, Legend has released new flavours that pair perfectly with the winter chill. Stuff your stockings with the pepperminty Candy Cane Crush in either dark or milk chocolate!


Puff Puff Pass Strain Pipes – 50% OFF!

Match your bud’s favourite strain to its very own pipe with this stunning collection that honours legendary cannabis. Available in Blue Dream, GG#4, OG Kush, Girl Scout Cookies, White Widow, Pink Kush, Sour Diesel and Granddaddy Purple. Coupled with a matching grinder, these pipes are a delightful addition to any smoker’s stash.

To sweeten the deal, these hand pipes (and all other had pipes in the store!) are 50% off!

Aurora Daily Special Indica & Sativa

Because who doesn’t love weed in their stocking?

There’s a reason that Daily Special flies off our shelves. Not only is it great weed, but it’s at a price that can’t be beat anywhere. This offering from Aurora is exactly what we hoped for when weed was finally legalized: it’s terpene-rich, THC potent, and delivers a smooth inhale. Available in both indica and sativa, it’s the perfect gift to bring your loved ones all the way up, or all the way down.

Dopezilla Water Pipes

These might take up the whole stocking, but they’re worth it. Available in a range of sizes and prices, Dopezilla’s handcrafted water pipes seem way pricier than they actually are. Made from sturdy borosilicate glass, these water pipes look great on your shelves with monstrous logos, colourful glass accents, and a twinkle that catches the light. They also look just as good in the box as they do out of it: packaged with vibrant, unique designs, these water pipes impress before you’ve even opened them.


Gifts that deserve to be wrapped with a big bow.

Juju Vape Batteries

A rechargeable, compact vape battery with a slick design! Not only does this vape battery’s black stainless steel body look great, it comes with its own matching charging dock and USB-C cable, so you’re always ready to vape anytime.

Pair this with your friend’s favourite vape cartridges for a gift that will hit just right, or surprise them with a brand new strain to widen their cannabis horizons. If you don’t know what cartridge to grab, might we suggest …

Tweed Vape Cartridges

We love Tweed, and we’re not afraid to show it. From their humble beginnings in the tiny town of Smiths Falls, Ontario, they’re pushing the boundaries of where cannabis can go. These vape cartridges are a part of their fantastic lineup of fan-favs, available in the sweet-and-citrusy sativa Houndstooth and the pine-and-spice indica Bakerstreet.

Like to give gifts in a set? Box these vapes up with their matching beverages, chocolates, and dried flower!

Famous Brandz Lit Sticcs

Bring a splash of colour to vaping. These vibrant and powerful vape batteries are a stylish way to vape all day long. With unique designs like the zebra-stripe Safari, the psychedelic Acid, and candy-sweet Taffy, these batteries are the perfect pair to any 510 thread vape cartridge.

Famous Design Water Pipes

A favourite of the budtenders at Canna Cabana, these water pipes are dressed to impress. Available in eye-catching, futuristic designs with vivid colours, they become the centrepiece of any smoking collection. Featuring heavy borosilicate glass, Famous Design’s water pipes stand the test of time.

These water pipes even come in gorgeous red boxes that bring a splash of holiday cheer all on their own: all you need to add is the bow!

Famous Design Stash Bags

Give the gift of subtlety. These smell-proof stash bags keep your friend’s stash safe, in style. Durable and padded, these stash bags keep cannabis’s infamous aroma sealed away, so they can store their green anywhere: in their bag, in their car, or even in their desk at work (we won’t tell!). These bags also feature a lock with a personalized code, in case anyone around them has some sticky fingers.


For when you’re looking to amaze and impress!

PAX Era 3

From PAX, a San Francisco-based startup that’s changing the vape game, the PAX 3 is sleek, high-tech little device. With its sophisticated design, unique colour range, and long list of cool features like smartphone connectability and haptic feedback, the PAX Era 3 makes for a stunning gift for any vape enthusiast.

This holiday season, pair your PAX gift with a 7ACRES pod in either Jack Haze or Sensi Star to get them started right away!

Puffco Peak

Puffco’s fame is well-deserved. This smart rig is a vaporizer that’s built to wow, delight, and make the eyes pop!

With a unique, mountain-like design, the smoothest hits in the game, and intelligent temperature calibration, the Puffco Peak is the last word in vaping technology. Its bubbler design provides a delicious, cool draw via water filtration, and its 4 preset temperatures allow you to control your vaping experience. From wispy, flavourful draws to enormous clouds, the Puffco Peak does it all.


Aurora Bongs

These sturdy, gorgeous bongs are Aurora’s ode to great glassware. With thick borosilicate glass, a minimalist design, and subtle black accents, these sleek bongs are a beautiful addition to any shelf. For a heavy, premium feel with a price that doesn’t break the bank, you can’t go wrong with Aurora.

Vodka Glass Diamond Rose Water Pipe

This unique water pipe is just one of Vodka Glass’s incredible lineup of stunning Diamond Series bongs. Featuring a diamond-cut base and matching mouthpieces and bowls, this bong is an eye-catching, show-stopping present that will cement your status as the best gift-giver they know.

This year, give this premium bong for less.

The one gift to rule them all.

Focus V CARTA: Laser Edition

The future is here.

You read that right: coming this week to your local store, Canna Cabana is bringing you the CARTA Laser Edition. We’ve also got it at the lowest price in Canada!

This futuristic, radioactive-looking device is the finest in portable dabbing. A beloved, sold-out-everywhere smart rig, it’s the ultimate gift for your own cannabis connoisseur. The CARTA Laser is something straight out of a science fiction movie, with its alien-like LED lights, a psychedelic aesthetic, and two-toned bubble glass tops.

Start your engines, buckle up, and get ready to grab this incredible deal before it’s done! With such a low price and limited quantities, this rig is about to speed off our shelves.