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The Best Vape Pens of 2023

The Best Vape Pens of 2023

Vape pens are the new portable cannabis accessory in everyone’s pockets and purses. Portable, discreet, and convenient, it’s easy to see why vape pens have become the norm for many.

We put together this list to help guide you through the best devices available. This article will focus solely on THC vape pens.

Let’s get started!

What is a Vape Pen?

A vape pen, also known as a weed pen or dab pen, is a compact, handheld device for vaporizing e-liquids, concentrates, or dry herbs. It typically consists of 3 main parts: a battery, a heating element, and a reservoir to hold the vaping material. When activated, the heating element warms up the material, turning it into vapor that the user inhales.

Vape pens come in 3 main categories: cartridge vape pens, self-loading vape pens, and disposable vape pens.

Learn more about the different types of vape pens.

Why Are Vape Pens so Popular?

Here are some of the main benefits of using a vape pen:


Most vape pens can easily fit in your pocket, and unlike traditional cannabis smoking, which requires lighters, ashtrays, and papers, vape pens condense the entire experience into one sleek, battery-powered, pocket-sized device.


Because of their small size, vape pens are the ultimate tool when it comes to vaping in public. With vape pens, the vapor you exhale is quickly dissipated, leaving no lingering smell and or smoke.

Easy to use

Vape pens are often simple to use. While the most complex will usually just have one or two buttons, you can find draw-activated e-cigarettes that offer an intuitive vaping experience perfect for beginners.

What to Look For in a Vape Pen

Here’s what you should keep in mind when looking for your next vape pen:


A vape pen’s size doesn’t just determine how portable and discreet it can be; it can determine factors like battery life and functionality. Ultra-compact, pocket-sized options are perfect for discreetness and portability, while larger devices may have longer battery life and a bigger heating chamber.

Choose a size that aligns with your lifestyle and how you plan to use your vape pen.


In the vaping world, prices vary wildly. Entry-level vape pens can cost as little as $20 with minimal specs, while top-shelf models can cost several hundred dollars and offer you a ton of features. Set a budget to find a vape pen that fits your needs.

Convection vs. Conduction Heating

Vape pens typically use either convection or conduction heating to vaporize the material. Conduction heating involves putting your material in direct contact with the heating element, while convection heats the air around it. Convection heating is often considered more even and efficient, while conduction may be quicker and cheaper.


Here are some of the features you might want in your vape pen:

  • Material Compatibility: Some vape pens can vaporize both dry herbs and concentrates, while others only work with one type of cannabis.
  • Temperature Control: Some vape pens allow you to adjust the temperature, giving you more control over your vaping experience. Choose an option with at least three temperature presets if you want a good array of vaping options.
  • Battery Life: Evaluate the battery capacity and consider how long you want your vape pen to last between charges.
  • Ease of Use: User-friendliness is key! Look for devices with straightforward controls, easy loading mechanisms, and minimal maintenance requirements.


Certain vape pen brands, like Puffco, Pax, and Yocan have become well-known for their quality, reliability, and customer service. Research the brand's reputation and check if the vape pen has a warranty. This can give you peace of mind in case of any defects or issues with the device.

The Best Vape Pens of 2023

Here are the best selling vape pens you can get today, right here at Canna Cabana:

Best Pod Vape Pen: Pax Era Pro

pax era pro vaporizer

Known for its sleek design and cutting-edge technology, the Pax Era Pro is an oil vape pen with refillable pods that offers an exceptional and intuitive vaping experience. With temperature control, haptic feedback, and simple recharging with its USB-C charger, the Era Pro is stylish and durable.

Also available in the standard edition.

Best Mid-Range Vape Pen: Boundless Terp Pen

boundless terp pen vape pen

Designed for use with concentrates, the Boundless Terp Pen is a sleek and portable vaping device that combines affordability with functionality. This breath-activated device allows you to simply dip the coil tip in your concentrate to start vaping. With a micro-USB rechargeable battery, this pen-style vaporizer is perfect if you want to fully enjoy the flavor of your favorite terpenes.

Best 510-Threaded Vape Pen: Atman 510 Battery

atman 510 vape pen battery

The 510 threading on the Atman 510 battery allows it to be used with any of the multiple 510 cartridges you can get nowadays! This 510-threaded rechargeable battery comes with a single-button operation, and it’s an affordable device to use along with your vape juice carts.

Best Vape Pen / Dab Straw Combo: Dip Devices Dipper

dip devices dipper vape pen

The Dip Devices Dipper is a versatile all-in-one solution for both concentrate enthusiasts and traditional vapers. The Dipper functions both as a vape pen and a dab straw, allowing you to either dip directly into concentrates or use it as a traditional weed vape pen.

The compact design of the Dipper makes it easy to carry, and you can easily replace components like the atomizer and mouthpiece, ensuring you have a device that can perform well for a long time.

Best Manual-Load Vape Pen: Yocan Evolve Plus

yocan evolve plus vape pen

Are you looking for a budget-friendly, high-quality device? The Yocan Evolve Plus uses dual quartz coils, perfect for vapor production. It comes with a built-in silicone container at the base, allowing you to carry your concentrates conveniently for whenever you’re ready to vape, and it includes a detachable dab tool for easy loading. If you want something less slim, check out the XL Version.

Best Coil-less Vape Pen: Puffco Plus

puffco plus vape pen

The Puffco Plus uses a ceramic bowl instead of traditional coils, resulting in excellent and untainted vapor quality. You can choose between three temperature settings to tailor your vaping experience and easily load your chamber with its integrated dart tool.

Best Unique Vape Pen: Yocan Orbit

yocan orbit vape pen

The Yocan Orbit is a unique vape pen equipped with terp pearls that spin around the wax chamber as you vape to improve performance. With a glass mouthpiece, coil-less operation, and variable wattage setting, this dab pen is perfect if you want to fully vaporize your concentrates.

Best Quick-Charging Vape Pen: Yocan Armor

yocan armor vape pen

With a compact 380 mAh battery, the Yocan Armor is equipped with fast USB-C charging, allowing you to fully charge it in as little as 30 minutes. With dual quartz coils, three voltage settings, and a discreet and minimalist design, this affordable wax pen is a great option.

Best Affordable Vape Pen: Honeystick Elf

elf honeystick vape pen

The Honeystick Elf is a simple and affordable 510-thread battery. Equipped with a sleek stainless steel body and variable voltage, this sleek and discreet battery is the perfect affordable pair for your 510 carts.

Best Hybrid Vape Pen: XVAPE Fyra

xvape fyra vape pen

The XVAPE Fyra takes the top spot for the best hybrid vape pen, giving you a ton of functionality in a small and affordable package. This device doubles as a dry herb vape pen, allowing you to vape herbs, e-juice, and concentrates in a single device. Portable, versatile, and ergonomic, this pen is a full vape kit, allowing you to use it as a dry herb vaporizer, a dab pen, and a 510 battery.

Canna Cabana: Your Source for Vape Pens

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