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Smokin Moms From Canada Celebrate Weed

Smokin Moms From Canada Celebrate Weed

Happy Mother’s Day, Cabana Club!

This is the second holiday that cannabis-loving moms around Canada have had the opportunity to celebrate with legal weed, and while plenty of our Cabana Club Mothers are already making plans with the plant, we know that some parents are still navigating the social climate of cannabis use post-legalization. Today, having conversations about responsible consumption of alcohol in Canadian households is relatively mundane; but in some social circles there’s still spirited debate about how to approach cannabis when you’re a mother.

We’re proud to be Canadians on the front lines of this international movement, and creating a positive culture of cannabis use in our communities is our personal contribution to de-stigmatizing cannabis. In the spirit of smashing stigmas, we’re interviewing 3 Smokin’ Moms: mothers who are proudly supporting positive cannabis use in their own ways across the country.

This Mother’s Day, Canna Cabana is pushing against stereotypes that exist within the cannabis community, as well as in mainstream culture. Yes, it’s important to rally against the idea that consuming cannabis responsibly as a Mother is anything but perfectly acceptable. But it’s also important to understand that cannabis-loving moms are from all age and racial groups, and enjoy all parts of cannabis culture.

CBD capsules, topicals, facial serums and oils are fantastic products. But we’re keen to recognize the Smokin’ Moms who prefer bongs, pipes, dab rigs, and dank bud too! And let’s not forget that you also can buy weed online on this very website.

Let’s get together and celebrate these fabulous females from all corners of the cannabis industry on Mother’s Day.

With love, Cabana Club!

Jacqui Childs

Jacqui Childs of Hamilton, ON is the best-selling co-author of “Ignite Your Inner Warrior”, and a social influencer with millions of followers world wide. A model & actress for over 30 years, Jacqui is a Smokin’ Mom who works directly on charities involving children and women’s issues along with her work in cannabis, by sharing her experiences through social media and industry events.

In 2019, Jacqui won Leafly’s Favourite Cannabis Advocate or Influencer of the year, for telling her story of how she uses cannabis to nurture her mental health. 

She also won O’Cannabiz Social Media Influencer of the year.

Hey Jacqui! You recently won some awards from Leafly and O’Cannabiz! Is there an achievement or contribution to the cannabis industry you are most proud of?

Awards are a great way to advertise your existence in the loud and overwhelming space, but I’m most proud of the opportunity to share my story and perhaps change or even save a life that can relate. The opportunity to perhaps inspire someone to try cannabis without guilt or shame. I’m very fortunate to do what I do for a living and I appreciate the accolades but living a full and kind life is what I’m most proud of.

We saw your son has his CannSell, did you inspire him to do this and do you hope to see him working in the cannabis industry as well? 

YES!! I am very proud that he decided to get his CannSell. My son was raised by two very demanding and over protective anti drug parents, it took me a long time to find my way to plant life, and understanding and respecting cannabis is not how he was raised. I am beyond happy that my son has taken such an interest in cannabis. He’s now growing his own and spends countless hours researching cannabis. I hope he has an opportunity to work within the cannabis space at some point. I love watching him evolve to a more aware and kind human.

You host a podcast, The Green Room, can you tell us about that experience?

The Green room podcast has been really fun, yes a lot of work but an amazing experience. I’ve learned a lot from our guests and it’s been an amazing opportunity to work so closely ( for hours upon hours) with such a diverse team. I’d have to say our time in Vancouver at LIFT was most memorable, we literally worked our asses off. We conducted almost 40 interviews in 48 hours, it was a lot.

The egos and different personalities in the space was a lot to absorb. Day to day at we try and share unbiased and interesting stories from all side of the cannabis community. The studio is first class and the team works around the clock.

We ( my co-host Lester and I) have been compared to Howard and Robin and I LOVE that, I’ve always had trouble following social norms and being told what to say. The Green room allows me to be me. If something stinks in the industry I’ll let you know.

Since covid19 I’ve taken a step back, a much needed hiatus.

What would say to other moms who are considering using cannabis?

That’s a tough one for me, since I raised my children one way then did a complete turnaround. My son and I have had countless hours of conversations about cannabis. Our often uncomfortable conversations about mental health and the opioid crisis were eye opening and necessary for both of us.

I’m in a lot of mom groups and have the opportunity to speak to mothers all over the world, it’s difficult to get past the shame and the guilt for many. There’s also an underlying fear because of the negative stigma.

We are supporting the hashtag #smokinmoms this Mother’s Day to spotlight some amazing weed moms out there like yourself. We know there can be a stigma around mothers who love dank bud. Have you ever been stigmatized by this or do you have any thoughts you’d like to share?

I was actually shocked by the negative push back. I’m used to eye rolling and hate but when it comes to cannabis WOW what a hot button for some. I’m proud to be Canadian and I recognize my race has also made it easier for me to voice my love for cannabis.

I hope that a privileged upper class white woman will be able to break barriers and open doors for those that tried before me and for those that come after. I know my place, it’s an honour to hold space for my sisters of colour and marginalized communities. To be completely honest, those mothers that suffer and struggle, they are the real hero and warriors, it’s their voices that I hope get seen and heard.

Is there anything else you would like to share with us?

This mothers day is definitely going to be difficult for so many, not being able to share space with loved ones, and the fear of such uncertain times. I do hope we all take a minute to appreciate and recognize life and mother nature.

Who knows what our new normal will look like in the weeks and months to come. I am hopeful and proud of this community and its many sides. The cannabis industry is full of inspiring humans that just want to be heard. I’ve learned more in the last 3 years about myself and the world around me.

Thanks to this community and the opportunities I’ve been given will not soon be forgotten 🙏  thank you for sharing my story and being part of my journey with cannabis.

Thanks Jacqui!

The Canna Canuck

Al Bear, ‘The Canna Canuck’ from the Greater Toronto Area is a familiar face in the cannabis community. This Smokin’ Mom spends her time advocating for cannabis alongside High! Canada, and was featured as one of their Women In Weed. recently highlighted her among the 1000 women who should be recognized for their achievements in cannabis, from the 50s to present.

Hey Canna Canuck! What initially attracted you to the cannabis industry?

I actually wasn’t attracted to the cannabis industry at all, if I’m honest. I was attracted solely to the plant. I ended up here quite by accident, actually, in an endeavour to learn as much about cannabis as I possibly could. This was the natural progression.

You’re a glass artist too! What inspired you to develop that skill?

I’ve always been in love with fire, for as long as I can remember. I used to build them on the riverbank as a little girl with friends, am always the one who handles creating a campfire, love open flame cooking and feel pulled to fire ceremonies. Having the option of sitting atop a warm, flickering flame all day while pulling beautiful creations out of my head and making others smile? Uhm, yes please! Sign me up! You can see some of my pieces on Instagram, on the @boro_bear page.

You announced on Instagram that you are an official member of the editorial teams on both High! Canada and High! Europe. What drew you to that organization, and what do you think other people should know about them?

I had been featured in High! Canada a couple of times, freelance pieces, and was one of their Women In Weed prior to that as one of my first official introductions on scene. I was impressed by the enthusiasm, humour and passion of the editor,  Cy Williams. After many conversations over the course of the year, always ones that involved a flood of ideas and projects we wanted to do together, I became part of the team.

I’ll say to watch the Instagram and site space once this border business ends though! It’ll definitely be an exciting year for High! Canada.

You were recently nominated for the Celeb Stoner list. Os there an achievement or contribution to the cannabis industry you are most proud of?

I was so honoured to have been nominated for that list, alongside such incredible women and ones far more deserving of recognition than myself.

I think that’s actually what I’m most proud of though, the contribution that I’ve given… I’ve helped normal, everyday women and mothers stand up beside these stars, influential titles or industry heavyweights and I help carve a space for us too.

I’m everywhere, I am not afraid to speak up or out when necessary, I am always willing to help and have organized more than one charitable drive, auction or activity via the cannabis community and my social media outreach.

I came on scene because, as a closeted cannabis user at the time, I didn’t actually know there were so many mothers – good, productive, entrepreneurial and supportive women using cannabis daily. I’ve met such a vast support group full of powerhouse females that have inspired me to make some substantial changes – including losing over 65lbs since my account started.

In that, it turns out I’ve inspired quite a few myself and I am so extremely proud to think I may have reached someone and pulled them up off of the couch, or humbled to think I could have helped guide them through a darker point.

What would say to other moms who are considering using cannabis? How has cannabis changed your experience with parenting?

Well, I think people should always look into their own personal care and do as much individual research as possible. It’s not always a one-size-fits-all scenario and what may work well for one, may not do at all for someone else. For me, cannabis enables me to eliminate a multitude of prescription medication that I was supposed to take after an accident, enabling me to lead a healthier life.

Before cannabis, there were also a couple of years in there where I was a “wine Mom”, which I was societally conditioned to think was totally normal. I didn’t drink heavily or anything but it was part of my regular routine – a glass of red, some sliced cheese and watching The National at night (yes, I’m old lol). When researching and comparing the two, I would absolutely supplement cannabis over alcohol any day of the week now!

I would ask if you happen to do the same and enjoy a beverage at night? Or, if not, perhaps you treat a mood disorder, pain or simply stress with some other type of intervention? See, cannabis does all of those things for me, which also helps me to parent more effectively.

It was strange when my children first learned of my cannabis use , how it’s used and why Mummy smells funny sometimes…but we all got used to that pretty quickly. I have taught my children respect for the plant, from growing it ourselves and discussing the different uses – to them watching while I make topical infusions and talking about its applications . It’s been an educational experience and one of communication, for all of us, but my children seem to be comfortable with it. My oldest teen will even tell me when it’s been too long since I’ve consumed, as he notices the change in my face when the discomfort returns. I think them seeing the change in me, especially physically, has been a big determining factor in the household consensus about it.

We are supporting the hashtag #smokinmoms this Mother’s Day to spotlight some amazing weed moms out there like yourself. We know there can be a stigma around mothers who love dank bud. Have you ever been stigmatized by this or do you have any thoughts you’d like to share?

Oh, I would assume I have! I know I’ve been stereotyped into a variety of categories all my life, none of them applicable, so this would likely be no different.

That’s part of why I do what I do – to fight that stigma. I think the more of us that come out, vocal and educated upon the subject, the better. As soon as it’s entirely normalized, then we’ll be able to pick up those “It’s Weed O’Clock” signs in cutesy stores, rather than just all of the fun wine decor.

Is there any question we should have asked you, but did not?

Unfortunately, the current Covid crisis has really done a number on the spring and summer social schedule. I had a bunch of events to detail for you but, alas, I’ll be doing the podcast circuit instead of the festival one this next little bit. Watch for me on High Sisters Podcast and 420 Collaboration Podcast. I believe BTS stories, a Breaking The Stigma series, is supposed to be completed sometime soon and I was thrilled to be included in such a large community project. Please also check out New Agora Magazine, offered online and in print, which will be expanding to Ontario… I may have a hand in that pie too.

Thanks Canna Canuck!

Savvy Stoned Mom & Girl

Savvy Stoned Mom (Julie Jackson) & Savvy Stoned Girl (Nikki Jackson) are a duo of cannabis activists that enjoy the plant together in their community of Metchosin, BC. This mother-daughter team have been recognized at Seattle Hempfest, on Pot TV, and The Green Room Podcast.

They love to make homemade edibles together, which they’ve shared at The Grassroots Craft cup to great success.

Hi Julie and Nikki! Which one of you introduced the other to cannabis? 

Nikki: My mother introduced me to using cannabis for wellness at 19, but I had been consuming since I was 17. But we started smoking weed together recreationally on my 18th birthday.

You both smoke together, make edibles and infused dinners together. Tell us about the first time you both got stoned together. What was that like?

Nikki: It was my 18th birthday and I had a few of my friends over and my parents pulled me aside and asked me “Now that you’re 18, would you like to smoke a joint?” By that time we both knew that the other consumed but just never really spoke about it. I hesitated as I was wondering if it was a trick question to get me in trouble. I said yes however and went back to my friends downstairs to tell them about this conversation.

Shortly my mom had 5 fattys rolled when they came downstairs, once they brought them out my friends all pulled out their pipes and bongs and we hotboxed the whole basement before we had the best birthday dinner ever.

We noticed you have attended many events together; Seattle Hempfest, 420 Victoria, Grassroots Craft Cup, etc. Are there any particular moments that stood out to you the most as a mother-daughter pair?

Nikki: It has been the most freeing thing for both of us attending these events. Our first event was the Grassroots craft cup where we had our homemade edibles entered into the ‘people’s choice category’.

This was shortly after I had started my Instagram and we were so excited to get our story out there and start sharing our experience with this magical plant.  We didn’t win but the connections made were well worth it and we had a blast too!

Since then I’ve gotten my mom to come to as many events as possible, 420 Victoria was the most special as I helped organize the event with our cannabis community in Victoria, and having my mom there to help me really calmed my anxiety throughout the process. I went from a sales job that looked down on cannabis and gave me a hard time about booking 420 off each year to organizing my favourite days event in my hometown. It was the most amazing feeling for both of us to finally find a community we belong too.

What inspired you to become cannabis activists, and what contributions to the cannabis industry are you most proud of?

Nikki: We both have serious health complications, I have Crohn’s disease and chronic anxiety and my mother has ulcerative colitis and arthritis. Both of us in the last ten years have become completely debilitated for long periods of time due to our illness’ and we both battled the pharmaceutical industry as well as doctors that looked down on using cannabis.

My mother introduced me to our cannabis community in Victoria when I was 19 and dying from malnutrition. I was on 15 different pharmaceuticals from antidepressants to pain medication, anti spasmatics, you name it they had me on it. I was personally able to replace ALL of them with cannabis capsules. I had been smoking cannabis already of course but using it for wellness changed my life, it brought back the quality of life we need to survive for both of us.

From them on we both advocated within our circles about cannabis for wellness, but it wasn’t until I got the courage to start my Instagram in 2018 that our advocacy became much more open. From there the ball just rolled so when I got the opportunity to work within the cannabis community in Victoria,  which was actually something my mom had a hand in setting up as well, I obviously jumped on it. It feels so good for both of us to give back to a community that saved us.

What would you say to other people considering using cannabis with their mom/daughter? How has cannabis changed your relationship with each other?

Nikki: The more open you are with each other the better, if there is understanding about the plant and its benefits and why you use it it’s much easier to form the bond with each other and the plant.

It’s changed our relationship and our lives for the better. We were both on the right path with our illnesses, we still struggle but cannabis gets us through. We are able to engage in all sorts of activities and events together. We have explored all sorts of methods of consumption to best meet our needs and having a partner through that makes it all the more fun.

There has been challenges in recent years as we were getting more vocal and involved in the industry. My mom was working at the bank and there was no way she could out herself as a consumer let alone an activist so it was my name and face that we decided to put out there at first.

Our initial plan was to have our own edible company that focused on high dose edibles but with regulations that came into play we quickly realized we had to adjust our vision.

We are supporting the hashtag #smokinmoms this Mother’s Day to spotlight some amazing weed moms out there like yourself. We know there can be a stigma around mothers who love dank bud. Have you ever been stigmatized by this or do you have any thoughts you’d like to share?

Julie: As someone that’s used cannabis my entire adult life I’ve been looked down upon and shamed by a large majority of people in my life outside of my circle of consumers.

My generation was part of the reefer madness and the extreme marijuana prohibition. To top it off we also lived in Alberta where a single joint would get you a record if caught with it… it was ridiculous. We had to hide it from literally everyone unless you knew they were cool with it too. My family thought I was just a useless pothead for many years despite always working full time, owning my own house, raising two children and doing everything “society” wants you to do.

I think as long as you’re accomplishing everything you need to do in a day, if a joint helps you get through it then smoke that joint ! Why is there such a stigma around canna moms yet wine moms get tshirts and branded plastic cups to fill with full bottles of wine and no one bats an eye?

Is there anything else you would like to share with us?

Cannabis is a wellness plant and should be treated as that, we need to normalize talking about it’s many benefits with everyone in our lives not just our family but that’s a great place to start.

Is there any question we should have asked you, but did not?

Our favourite colours are purple and pink!

Fun! Thanks Julie & Nikki!

Happy Mother’s Day to all the Smokin Moms out there! If you want to follow these great ladies, connect with them on instagram below.