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RIFF -Two-Tone Ban Strain

RIFF -Two-Tone Ban Strain


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A combination so dank it shouldn’t be allowed: Two-Tone Ban.

This high-THC hybrid is RIFF’s take on Sour Kush, also known as Daydream. It’s a potent cross of Sour Diesel and OG Kush that leans just a bit to its indica side, making for an intoxicating combination that hits hard on all fronts.

Two-Tone Ban comes from a giant in the cannabis world. Along with strains like Lemon Skunk, Tangie, Chocolope, and LA Confidential, Sour Kush is a product of the careful breeding of DNA Genetics, one of the world’s most well-known seed banks. Since their establishment fifteen years ago in Amsterdam, DNA has pushed cannabis culture to the mainstream and has collected over 200 awards in both prestigious and emerging cannabis competitions.

Like DNA, RIFF continues the tradition of elevating the cannabis community to the mainstream. RIFF’s philosophy is simple: community and culture. Co-created by local artists and makers, they’re determined not to forget their roots. Music, art, fashion, whatever it is, RIFF wants to play their part in Canadian culture. But don’t get it twisted—RIFF isn’t just for creatives. They’re run by true cannabis connoisseurs, and it shows. If it’s not perfect, they doesn’t believe it’s worth putting on the shelf.

The first thing we notice about Two-Tone Ban is the smell. The second the jar opens, its impressively frosted, dark-green buds stink up the room with a pungent scent of citrus and diesel. Those with nosy neighbours beware: this is definitely not a discreet smoke. And we love that it isn’t, because Two-Tone Ban’s powerful aroma translates to an equally powerful flavour. On the inhale, it’s dominantly sour and citrusy, with slight hints of spice that really coat our tongues.

THC Content  16 – 25%
Indica / Sativa   60 – 40%*
CBD Content  0 -1%


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The Effects

As a hybrid, Two-Tone Ban gives us the best of both worlds. Its stronger indica side relaxes our bodies, but its sativa side also uplifts us, gives us a little mental buzz, and keeps us from feeling too heavy. It’s the kind of smoke we love for any time of day—wake-and-bake or wind-down. We’re not dancing around the house, and we’re not glued to the couch. Two-Tone Ban just lets us get on with our day feeling good.

Our favourite part of Two-Tone Ban is how creative it makes us. Because it doesn’t fog our minds very much like heavier indicas, we like to smoke this right before a brainstorm or a Wyld Stallyns-style jam session. Next step: getting Eddie Van Halen on guitar.

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The Grower


Strain Name

Sour Kush


Indica-Dominant Hybrid

Dominant Terpenes

  • Myrcene
  • Limonene
  • Caryophyllene

RIFF Two-Tone Ban Reviews

Top RIFF Two-Tone Ban Review on Leafly:

“The bud is loaded with crystal and the smell is unreal. “

0pendome, 4 stars

Top RIFF Two-Tone Ban Review on Lift & Co.

“Better then most legal cannabis. I was very impressed with the quality of Riff’s two tone ban. I bought it expecting it to be super dry like majority of the legal cannabis on the market yet it was the quality that you would get from the “black market”.


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