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RIFF - Sweet Jersey 3 Strain

RIFF - Sweet Jersey 3 Strain

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When we’ve got a massive to-do list to tackle, we know exactly what we’re reaching for: RIFF’s Sweet Jersey 3, a daytime sativa that’s the perfect pick-me-up. This strain is like a slap to keep us awake—at up to 23% THC, it’s a potent smoke that likes to creep up on us when we’re not looking.

Sweet Jersey 3 is RIFF’s take on Jean Guy, a true Canadian original. Ever heard of the Marijuana Party? That’s who we have to thank for this iconic strain. Jean Guy was first bred by the founders of the MP and the Montreal Compassion Center, who fought for legalization day in and day out with a real flair. Cannabis shouldn’t be in the shadows, they said, and so they built their cannabis store right in front of a police station, operating in plain sight. We’d like to give our Québécois friends a bow—not only for giving us Jean Guy, but for fighting for us to toke it legally. Thanks again, guys. None of us would be here without you.

Today, we’ve all taken a lesson from the MP. No one’s hiding anymore, and that’s what makes it so satisfying to see RIFF’s name on a Jean Guy. RIFF’s philosophy is simple: community and culture. Co-created by local artists and makers, they’re determined not to forget their roots. Music, art, fashion, whatever it is, RIFF wants to play their part in mainstream culture. But don’t get it twisted—RIFF isn’t just for creatives. They’re run by true cannabis connoisseurs, and it shows. If it’s not perfect, they doesn’t believe it’s worth putting on the shelf.

As for the bud itself: RIFF’s Sweet Jersey 3 is one sweet smoke. It’s chock-full of citrus, with crisp lemon flavors leading the way for a slight touch of pine and mint. Visually, Sweet Jersey 3’s buds are impressive too. They’re a delicate light green with pale orange hairs, and when we twist them against the light, their frostiness reminds us of a shard of forest quartz. We like this strain best rolled up in a joint for when we’re on the go: it reminds us of cracking a can of Sprite on a camping trip and gearing up for a long summer trek through the woods. And man, we’ll need that reminder for when the snow buries us again.


THC Content  16 – 22%
Indica / Sativa   30 – 70%*
CBD Content  0 – 1.99%


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Riff Sweet Jersey 3

The Effects

“I’ll do it on the weekend,” we always told ourselves. Well, now the weekend has finally come.

We smoke Sweet Jersey 3 on a Sunday when we’ve let our tasks pile up and we really need to just get going. As a sativa-dominant hybrid, this strain is energizing, slightly euphoric, and provides a pleasant buzz. It lets us tackle item after item on our list without burning out too quickly. Start slow though, because this strain tends to really creep up on us. We’re trying to clean, not stare at the ceiling.

A word from the wise: while Sweet Jersey 3 is energizing, it also fogs our brains a bit. It’s not so bad that we can’t remember what day it is, but we’re not writing any bestsellers after this smoke. On the other hand, Sweet Jersey 3’s burst of energy is great for doing the laundry, dishes, or any mindless household chore we normally can’t bring ourselves to do. Smoke some Sweet Jersey 3, put on some Chromeo to jazz yourself up, and get it done.

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The Grower


Strain Name

Jean Guy


Sativa-Dominant Hybrid

Terpene Profile

  • Caryophyllene 29.4%
  • Limonene 13.4%
  • Linalool 11.4%

Riff Sweet Jersey 3 Reviews

Top Riff Sweet Jersey 3 Review on Leafly:

“This is a very interesting plant. It smells like flowers and orange but then there’s an after-taste of chocolate almost. The effect is very up, happy and and more of a psychedelic type of strain as compared to a purely energetic focused strain (your mind will wander with this particular strain and listening to music is probably a blast too.) I’m going to put on some ‘Day In the Life’.”

 – markbulmer24, 5 stars

Top Riff Sweet Jersey 3 Review on Lift & Co.

“Great strain, good quality buds. The buds in this one are really great looking. super dense and impressed me”

–  Megsmokes420, 3.5 stars


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