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A Quick Guide to Ontario CA Cannabis Laws

A Quick Guide to Ontario CA Cannabis Laws

The Canadian government legalized recreational cannabis in Ontario in 2018. Even so, the government has set some strict rules that you must abide by to use marijuana in a safe and legal way. Take a moment to learn the rules, so you can enjoy your experience without getting in trouble after you decided to buy weed online.

Ontario Cannabis Laws

This brief summary should answer your questions about cannabis laws in Ontario:

Can you legally possess cannabis for recreational use in Ontario?

If you’re at least 19 years old, you can possess up to 30 grams of dried marijuana in Ontario for recreational use. You may also possess an equivalent amount of cannabis oil. You may share your marijuana with others; however, only approved cannabis stores can sell it.

Where can you legally buy weed in Ontario?

While Ontario allows adults to grow up to four marijuana plants on their own for personal use, you must purchase cannabis through a government-authorized marijuana cannabis store. For instance, you can use this handy page to find the nearest Canna Cabana cannabis store.

Can you still obtain medical marijuana in Ontario?

 Ontario’s rules for medical cannabis require a medical form and a licensed marijuana cannabis store or permission to grow your own plants. Once you’ve complied with these regulations, you may be able to possess up to a 30-day supply or the equivalent of 150 grams of dried plant, whichever is less. You also need permission to grow your own supply. The official government website has more information about medical marijuana in Canada.

Is it legal to use cannabis at work in Ontario?

Canada prohibits using cannabis while at work because of concerns over safety. Employers still have the right to create and enforce a marijuana policy. If you violate this policy, you can still be disciplined or even fired.

Where Can You Learn More About Legal Cannabis in Ontario?

Do you have more questions about buying, possessing, and enjoying legal cannabis in Ontario? If so, visit your nearest Canna Cabana location for friendly guidance from our experienced and helpful staff about recreational or medical marijuana. After we’ve answered your Canadian cannabis questions, be sure to browse the massive selection of cannabis products and accessories inside our cannabis store.