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How to Roll a Perfect Blunt

How to Roll a Perfect Blunt

You can consume cannabis in various ways; each with their own sets of pros, cons and effects on the user. Smoking cannabis flower is just one of the many ways and that can either be done by rolling a joint or blunt and smoking it, vaping, bongs, pipes and hookahs. 

While there are plenty of methods to consume your favourite cannabis strain, we’re going to focus on rolling and smoking a blunt in this guide. 

If you’re new to smoking cannabis, you might be unsure what a blunt is and what its effects are. Don’t worry, we’re going to give you the complete lowdown on blunts, their effects and how to roll the perfect one. If it turns out after reading this article that you want to try rolling a blunt, you can buy weed online.

A Brief History of the Blunt

We know you want to learn how to roll one successfully, so this history lesson won’t take too long. The blunt became mainstream in New York City, taking its name from the Phillies Blunt brand of cigars. 

What Is a Blunt

A blunt is like an upgrade to a joint; to put it simply, it’s the equivalent of a cigar when compared to a cigarette. Unlike a conventional joint that uses rolling papers, joints are made from cigar papers to provide a better smoking experience. This process is usually done by emptying a cigar of its tobacco content and replacing that with marijuana instead. 

Whether it’s filled with Sativa or Indica, it’s safe to say that the standard cannabis joint is iconic. In fact, it’s known by many names like joint, spliff, rollup, doobie and there are plenty more. However, the blunt has made its place in history and that can’t be ignored. 

Rolling a blunt provides an added buzz that many users prefer over the standard joint. The extra hit of cannabis, combined with a tobacco wrap, provides the user with a better smoking experience. Other cannabis enthusiasts enjoy blunt wraps because they offer a wider range of flavours and make smoking marijuana strains even more pleasant.

What Do I Need to Roll a Blunt?

When rolling a blunt, it’s always best to come prepared beforehand with all of the essentials that you’ll need. Before you commence with any type of rolling effort, gather all of the necessary supplies.

Here’s what you’ll need: 

  • The cannabis strain of your choosing
  • Cigar, cigarillo or blunt wraps 
  • A grinder or sharp blade to break up that luscious green bud

How to Roll a Blunt

If you’re a beginner, or you’ve never rolled a blunt before, it can be a little tricky, to begin with. Cigars and cigarillos are thicker than standard rolling papers, making them more difficult to maneuver for the perfect blunt. 

Rolling a blunt is a personal thing, you can tweak and adapt your style when you learn the basics. For now, we’ve put together a guide to help you roll your own in seven simple steps. 

1. Grind Your Herb

First things first, break down your cannabis buds into shake (a finer cannabis powder) by using your grinder or a sharp blade. Using a grinder helps to keep the bud proportionate in sizing, allowing it to burn at an even rate. This is ideal for beginners because it’s a speedy and simple process.

The other option is to pick the buds apart with your hands. As a more traditional method, it’s often preferred by cannabis enthusiasts because it helps your blunt to burn slower than normal.

2. Get the Blunt Wrap Ready

As previously mentioned, a blunt is made from marijuana rolled in an empty cigar or cigar wrap comprised of tobacco. 

Once you’ve got your cigar or cigarillo, start by slicing it open lengthways, ensuring that you get a clean line from end to end. Some cannabis enthusiasts prefer to crack the blunt open with their fingers and manage to do so without damaging it.

Now that the blunt is cut open, it’s time to empty the contents out with your finger. You can choose to throw out the loose tobacco or if you smoke joints (rollups made from cannabis and tobacco) you can save it for later. 

If you don’t feel comfortable slicing open a cigar or cigarillo and emptying its tobacco contents, you can buy cigar wraps from cannabis stores or corner stores. 

3. Get the Wrap Nice and Wet

You need to add a little moisture to your wrap so that it’s more malleable when rolling your perfect blunt. This also helps to bind the wrap back together if you’ve accidentally made any small tears when emptying the loose tobacco. Gently rub water onto the wrap with a damp paper towel or your fingertip, ensuring that you don’t use too much. 

4. Fill With Your Favourite Strain 

Hold the tobacco wrap open and fill it up with your ground marijuana, making sure that you spread evenly throughout. Standard size cigarillos can fit roughly one to two grams of broken up cannabis inside. If you’re sharing your blunt with someone else, or you’re using a blunt wrap, you’ll be able to fit more ground cannabis inside. 

5. Roll Your Blunt Wrap

Make a pinching movement with your finger and thumb and roll the cannabis to ensure that the blunt is packed evenly. This is why it’s essential to moisten the wrap a couple of steps before, this helps to make sure it doesn’t crack during the rolling process. Once the blunt has taken shape, it’s time to tuck the wrap under the top edge and wet the underside of the top edge from top to bottom. Seal the deal by pressing the wet edge down and gently press and smooth out wrinkles with your fingers.

6. Time to Get Baked

Just one more simple step, and then you can enjoy your freshly rolled blunt. To seal the perfect blunt together and make sure that it burns evenly, get a lighter and apply heat from end to end. You want to make sure that you get close enough to the seam that it bakes the blunt but not close enough that you frazzle the entire thing. 

7. Light It up and Enjoy 

Now that you’ve learned how to make the perfect blunt and rolled it yourself, it’s time to enjoy the fruits of your labour and smoke it. Whether you’re smoking solo or with a group of friends, now you can enjoy the best marijuana strains in a blunt whenever you feel like it.