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How to Infuse Your Valentine's Day with Cannabis

How to Infuse Your Valentine's Day with Cannabis

Getting ready for Valentine’s Day?

There’s nothing more romantic than infusing your Valentine’s Day with a little bit of green. Or maybe (like we love to do) … a lot of green? We’ll leave that up to you!

Take advantage of the romantic mood cannabis can bring and set up a chill and loving Valentine’s Day with these smokin’ hot plans.


Romantic Wake n’ Bake Valentine Breakfast

Start out the day with a breakfast joint to open up your appetite and a full plate of delicious food to crush. Or, try preparing a ready-to-hit setup with your favourite bong or dab rig. If you’re looking to set the mood, try grabbing a sparkling clean, brand-new glass piece to break in on Valentine’s Day.

Not a big fan of smoking so early? Prepare your food with cannabutter or, easier yet, use cannabis tinctures to enjoy a THC-infused Valentine’s Day breakfast. This can work especially well if you’re following up with the next plan…


Go Out for a Cannabis-Infused Date

Pick up some edibles and get ready to hit your favorite museums together. Looking at art while stoned can be a powerful bonding experience, allowing you both to share unique insights while being in a relaxed and reflective mindset.

Ready for an adventure? Pack your to-go cannabis gear along with snacks and plenty of water, bundle up, and take a nice hike on your favorite trail or close-by national park. Nice and long walks surrounded by nothing but nature are a perfect setting for deep conversations and amazing experiences.

Wherever you go, just make sure you’re not driving while intoxicated! Call an Uber, get a nearby Airbnb, or better yet, take a walk to get to wherever your date is.


Plan a Romantic At-Home Valentine’s Date

Skip Valentine’s Day crowds in malls and restaurants and plan the perfect at-home Valentine’s date instead.

A fan of cooking? Learn how to make cannabutter together out of your favorite flowers and prepare delicious foods and baked goods with it. Once you’re done eating, you can suggest having dessert back in bed. You can also have some edibles and try other activities, like learning how to paint, having a relaxing day gardening, sharing a bath and a joint, or, better yet, a nice sparkling THC-infused beverage in champagne glasses. 

Looking for something more traditional? Valentine’s Day is a perfect excuse to grab some high-quality flowers and watch a matching classic stoner flick. You can take advantage of a good sativa to watch a good art film, or melt into the couch with your partner with a potent indica.


Upgrade Classic Valentine’s Gifts

Whether your partner loves or hates classic Valentine’s gifts, they’re sure to appreciate a cannabis-improved version of one!

Get an empty chocolate box and fill it up with different nugs. You can even look up the different strains’ characteristics and place them under each nug after writing them down or printing them. Combine it with a nice cannabis bouquet, and you’re all set!

You can also try to make a weed-themed Valentine card, maybe even adding a joint rolled in cherry or chocolate-flavored rolling paper.


Make Valentine’s Day Your Own

Not everyone has a partner to share Valentine’s Day with, and that’s ok!

You can set up a Galentine’s day with your friends and have a nice time tasting different strains, sharing food and drinks, or getting some indica-infused edibles for a fun sleepover.

Looking to set up your friends? Nothing like a mixer with edibles and a roll-your-own station so people have excuses to share a joint or bowl. You can get some nice sativas to get people talking and bonding in no time.

And there’s no reason to skip Valentine’s Day just because you’re flying solo. You can express to yourself all the love you deserve by indulging in a little bit of “me” time with some good ol’ green + self-care like a bubble bath, bath bomb, face mask, or sparkling beverage.


Gather Your Supplies

Ready for Valentine’s Day? Get started with your plans by selecting the right strains for the occasion.

Planning a romantic evening? Use mild sativa strains like Kali Mist and Super Lemon Haze to get both of you into an upbeat and relaxed mood for the evening. Going out with your friends or your partners? Use potent strains like Green Crack and Sour Diesel to energize you and get you talkative. Having a relaxing night in? Take advantage of the romantic properties of strains like Island Sweet Skunk and Granddaddy Purple to get the loving started.

And, hey, you can always enjoy some exotic Wedding Cake and see the expression of your partner when you tell them the name.

Don’t forget to grab a pack of THC-infused chocolates on your way out!