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Holiday Gift Guide: Cannabis Gifts for the Connoisseur

Holiday Gift Guide: Cannabis Gifts for the Connoisseur

A true cannabis connoisseur has tried almost every cannabis accessory on the market. So what’s a good gift for the smoker who can’t be surprised? The best holiday gifts for cannabis connoisseurs are high-quality, super potent, and remind OG smokers why they love this lifestyle in the first place. Everything included on our Cannabis Holiday Gifts for Connoisseurs list is guaranteed to “wow” even the most seasoned smoker on your list.

 So, what do our experts recommend?


Spinach Blueberry Vape

Blueberry Dynamite 1.0 g Pre filled Vape Cartridge from Spinach

This Blueberry Dynamite cartridge packs a powerful punch. Cultivated from the legendary Blue Dream, this blueberry and haze-inspired strain delivers sweet and fruity flavor in every toke. This wax extract was formulated using Spinach’s proprietary cold-filtered process, which distills the product four times at sub-zero temperatures. This process ensures maximum smoothness and coolness in every hit, which is sure to impress even the snobbiest smoker in your list. Pair this high-quality cart with a practical vape and you’ve yourself the perfect gift set.


Kolab terpene sticks

Sundae Driver 3 x 0.5g Live Terpene Stick from Kolab Project

You may be wondering: what on Earth is a live terpene stick? If you can stump the cannabis aficionado in your group, you’ve got yourself a winning gift. This one is sure to impress. A new innovation in smoking, live terpene sticks are created from blending with extracts from top shelf buds with a proprietary blend of different terpenes - Kolab calls it their “terp sauce.” This recipe gives the stick a high THC potency, and the increased terpene count makes the bud taste, smell and even look amazing.


Back forty wedding pie

Wedding Pie 10-Pack Pre Roll from Back Forty

All seasoned smokers love a good pack of pre-rolls. Why? Because you can whip them out whenever you need them, discreetly pack them away when you’re done, and can always count on them for a consistent hit of THC when the mood strikes. A pack of pre rolls is always a trusted gift idea for a smoker. This strain, Back Forty’s Wedding Pie, is a cross between Wedding Cake and Grape Pie, and is grown in an advanced hybrid greenhouse, making it a stellar selection for a smoker with sky high standards.


Strawnana General Admission

Strawnana 3 x 0.5 g Kief Coated Rolls from General Admission

These innovative, infused pre-rolls are new on the smoking scene. Each half-gram pre-roll in this pack is terpene infused for maximum flavor and fragrance, then dusted and coated with kief for the ultimate potency. With three rolls per pack, this one’s a gift that keeps on giving.


Shine rolling papers

24k Gold Rolling Papers from Shine 

Any daily smoker is likely looking for a way to level up their experience. Add a little excitement to their sesh with these king size, 24-karat gold rolling papers. These shiny papers are fun to show off, and are crafted from a hemp blend base to ensure a smooth toke every time. Available as single papers, or in 6 packs.


Pax Era Vaporizer

A Pax is a great gift for a cannabis aficionado, as it lets them personalize their experience with the touch of a button. This sleek, powerful vape has precise controls that let you customize your temperature range, so you can control the size of your clouds, the strength of your hit, and the heat of the vapor. This into-level vape is great for flower connoisseurs looking for a new experience.


Spinach FEELZ gummies

THC+CBG Pineapple Starfruit Soft Chews from Spinach

 CBG, commonly called the mother of all cannabinoids, is often used for similar wellness properties to CBD. The difference? All cannabinoids derive from CBG, making it a potent parent compound of cannabis that enhances any plain old high. Mix it with trusty THC and some pineapple starfruit flavor, and you’ve got a gift that tastes just powerful as it punches.


Kush mints broken coast

Kush Mints from Broken Coast

Cannabis aficionados know a good strain of bud when they see one. That’s why we’re certain Kush Mints is a gift they’ll be bragging about. Kush Mints, a hybrid strain by Broken Coast, is frosted with sparkling trichomes all over each nug. You can see how strong this bud is simply by looking at it. Grown in small batch, strain-specific rooms, this bud is perfect for cannabis connoisseurs who will only accept the finest.


Lockable Stash Bag from FAMOUS X

If you’re loading up a lucky recipient with a bunch of cannabis goodies, you’ve got to get a cool stash bag to match. This stash bag from FAMOUS X stores tinctures, topicals, flowers and smaller accessories safely inside and even locks at the zipper for maximum security - making it the perfect gift for an avid traveler, or the friend who insists on bringing their full set-up everywhere they go.