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Holiday Gift Guide: Cannabis Gifts for Beginners

Holiday Gift Guide: Cannabis Gifts for Beginners

If you’ve got someone on your holiday list who is new to the world of cannabis, now's your chance to stock them up on all the essentials they need to be welcomed into the lifestyle. From dried flower to waxy concentrates to tasty edibles, every cannabis enthusiast has to discover their favorite way to consume the herb at some point. Why not now? That’s why we’ve put together this list of Cannabis Holiday Gifts for Beginners. It’s got a special something for any cannabis newbie on your list, and a gift for every budget as well.


Organic Romulan (NEW!) & SFV OG Kush Pre-Rolls from Simply Bare

Each pre roll in this pack is a cone made of 100% hemp paper, stuffed with finely ground, organic bud from Simply Bare. Each pre roll is machine-rolled to perfection and finished by hand for maximum smoking performance.

Why they’ll love it: Any newbie smoker should start with the bare bones basics. A pack of pre rolls is an essential accessory for any smoker to keep on hand, and Simply Bare’s line of organic cultivars are well-rolled, fresh, and potent every time.



Cherry Pie 510 Thread Cartridge from Weed Me (NEW!)

Cartridges are beloved for their discreet, convenient design. Plus, the flavor of cherry pie never disappoints, making this cartridge a great find for anyone on your list.

Why they’ll love it: Anyone who’s new to cannabis is likely still figuring out what methods, strains and flavors they like best. In the spirit of experimentation, Weed Me’s Cherry Pie 510 Thread Cartridge is a great gift for a newbie smoker to take for a spin.


White Chocolate Eggnog Hybrid Chocolate from Back Forty (LIMITED!)

Nothing represents the holiday season better than white chocolate and eggnog. This cannabis infused delight packs all the flavor of a snowy winter evening in one tasty treat. Its single serving size is great as a stocking stuffer or accessory alongside a gift card.

Why they’ll love it: Edibles are a rite of passage for any cannabis beginner and, with these delicious flavors, any recipient would be excited to give these a try.



Cool Mint Crush Milk Chocolate from Legend (LIMITED!)

Made with cool, crushed peppermint, this chocolatey treat is a perfect little gift any time of the holiday season. Each decadent bar is cut into four pieces, and each piece is about 2.5 mg of THC, an ideal dosage size for a beginner.

Why they’ll love it: This brand of chocolates are consistently potent and crafted from award-winning fourth generation Belgium chocolatier - making this gift equal parts decadent and effective.


Subway Scientist 3.5g or 28g Dried Flower from Riff

This Indica strain guarantees a mellow mood. With bountiful berry flavor, a juicy scent and purple leaves, Subway Scientist is a bud that’s just as fun to look at as it is to smoke.

Why they’ll love it: With THC levels hovering around 16-26%, the potency of this strain will ensure it lasts a LONG time for any new smoker. Pair the flower with some rolling papers or a pipe, and you’ve got yourself a great gift set for a beginner.


Kush Mint Hybrid 1.0 g Prefilled Vape Cartridge from Back Forty

Back Forty’s a unique brand in that their cartridges only contain two ingredients: cannabis distillate and botanical terpenes, to be exact.

Why they’ll love it: Many newbie smokers appreciate the simplicity of these pre-filled vape cartridges, and it doesn’t hurt that they taste great and get the job done either.


The Sunset Water Pipe from Cabana Cannabis Co (Available in Multiple Colors)

Every newly minted stoner needs a cool piece to show off. This sleek, thoughtfully-created water pipe is easy to hit and hold, and looks cool sitting atop any smoker’s coffee table or shelf. Designed by our very own in-house experts, we know this is a piece that's sure to please.

Why they’ll love it: This piece has all the benefits of a water pipe, like strong, clean hits, but doesn’t have any complicated mechanics or parts that could confuse a new smoker.


Frozen Lemons Pre-Rolls from MSIKU

As soon as you open up this pack of pre rolls, you’ll be hit with a potent lemon zest. This tangy, citrusy-sweet pack of joints are stuffed with potent, full Sativa bud, making them a great gift for any smoker on your list who’s active, creative, or loves a good daytime puff.

Why they’ll love it: Trying out a true sativa bud is great for teaching new smokers which strains they like, and if they prefer indica or sativa strains overall. Plus, pre rolls are convenient to keep handy, keeping the opportunity open to sesh wherever, whenever you’d like.