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Essential Cannabis Accessories

Essential Cannabis Accessories

The first step to a good cannabis experience is picking up some high-quality cannabis - but you'll still need something to smoke it with! We've put together a list of essential cannabis accessories to make your next sesh a great one.



A grinder is a must for a clean, pure experience. Grinders break down cannabis into smaller, easier to work with pieces. A grinder is a must have for rolling your own joints or packing the perfect bowl. They also allow you to collect kief, which is a part of the cannabis with trichomes that include THC, CBD, and terpenes. Sometimes referred to as dust, kief is purer, giving you a more potent experience.

Grinders are available in different sizes and designs, with two pieces being the most basic. A five-piece grinder is the most complex and in addition to the grinder, comes with a storage compartment and two kief catchers. Some grinders are more unique, and come with features like an LED viewing chamber. Grinders come at all price points with metal grinding teeth being the most expensive and plastic being the cheapest.


Rolling Trays

Rolling trays are another must-have for rolling joints. Sure, you could use your table or desk, but it’s hard to keep the cannabis in one place when rolling it into a joint. This means it can get all over the carpet - who wants to waste their weed that way?

Rolling trays come in all different styles and designs. They have a flat surface and higher edges that prevent the cannabis from spilling out. Some rolling trays also have different areas for holding your accessories. It may be worth it to invest in a set of rolling trays, so you have different sizes to work with for different needs.



A pipe is one of the most-used methods of smoking cannabis. Pipes are extremely easy to use and perfect for first timers. Pipes can be as basic or complex as you want them to be. A small, simple, pipe is great for on-the-go use, while larger and more expensive ones tend to come with special features and are better for those with more experience. Pipes also allow you to show off your style with sports symbols, character pipes, bright silicone swirls, or intricate glass designs. 

Even though pipes are known for their ease of use, they are also capable of better filtration than some other methods, like smoking from a joint or one hitter. Some pipes have built-in filters that use technology to cool and filter your hits. Pipes are also capable of removing unwanted resin and tar. A steamroller pipe is a specific type of dry hand pipe that gives you faster hits. It’s a great option for beginners who want to enjoy their high with minimal effort. Keep in mind that most steamroller pipes won't feel as smooth as a bong or bubbler, as they don't use water filtration.

One of the best parts of using a pipe is that it’s also discreet. They can easily be tucked away in your bag or pocket for on-the-go use.



Bongs are also a popular method of smoking cannabis that use water filtration to cool down and smooth out your smoke. Bongs often come with a variety of features that can improve your experience. Bongs with percolators, for example, diffuse cannabis smoke, which leads to a smoother inhale.

The type of bong also affects your experience. Glass bongs are a popular choice but aren’t as good for traveling because they’re more prone to breaking. Acrylic bongs are extremely durable and cheap. Ceramic and silicone bongs are also a few of your options.

You can also buy bongs in different designs, colours, and shapes. Some are more artistically designed and look like floral vases for your living room, while some take inspiration from 60s and 70s counter culture and feature bright psychedelic designs. Similar to a bong, a dab rig allows you to use concentrates like waxes and oils.



A good lighter is a must whether you prefer joints, bongs, or pipes. You could always ask to borrow your friend’s lighter when lighting up, or you could have your own for more convenience. Lighters, like bongs, come at different price points. A good lighter can last you a long time. Disposable lighters wear out faster, which can lead to an inconvenient late night when your lighter runs out and you were all ready to light up.


Hemp Wick

Some people prefer adding hemp wick to their collection too. A hemp wick is a thread that looks like twine and is covered in beeswax. This chemical-free option burns slower and is popular with pipes and bongs.


Cleaning Solution

Maintain your bong or pipe with a good cleaning solution. Cleaning accessories, like pipe cleaners, can help you thoroughly clean your glass pieces. This not only leads to your bong or pipe lasting longer but can also result in a better taste the next time you use it, as well as prevent unhealthy buildup of mold and debris. Of course, always check that the cleaner you’re using is safe for the type of bong or pipe you’re smoking from.


Time to smoke!

The specific accessories you need may vary depending on your personal taste and preferences. These are some of the basics that you’re likely to use if you add them to your collection. Of course, the cannabis that you use with each of these accessories is just as important. Stock up on these cannabis essentials and you’ll always have what you need for a great night.