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Ways to Use Cannabis Oil

Ways to Use Cannabis Oil

Cannabis oil is an easy, discreet, and smoke-free way of getting your daily dose of THC or CBD. For those who don't like to smoke, oils offer a simple experience without much set up or expertise. With oils gaining popularity for their ease of use and wide availability, a lot of new users are looking to get into this amazing cannabis format. Let's take a look at some fun and creative ways (as well as the classics, for those starting out) to use cannabis oil!


What Is Cannabis Oil?

Before we jump into creative ways to use cannabis oil, it can be helpful to discuss exactly what cannabis oil is. Cannabis oil is an extract that comes from a cannabis plant. Cannabis oil is made up primarily of cannabidiol (CBD) and/or delta-9 tetrahydrocannabinol (THC). The amount of CBD or THC that comes from the plant depends on its strain and type of plant.

THC oil is primarily used for its psychoactive effects, whereas CBD oil is used for various wellness applications. Cannabis oil is created using solvents to extract it from the cannabis plant. As a finished product, cannabis oils may come in many forms, such as a dab or sublingual liquid. 



Ways to Use Cannabis Oil

Here are a few traditional and creative ways you can use cannabis oil:


1. Place a Drop Under Your Tongue

Placing a drop under your tongue is the easiest and fastest way to enjoy cannabis oil. Also known as sublingual use, the concentrations bypass your stomach. Instead, the cannabis products are directly absorbed into the mucous membranes, where they go right into the bloodstream, leading to faster bioavailability.

The great thing about this option is that some users can feel the effects of the cannabis extract in as little as 15 minutes. There’s also no smell, and the taste is minimal with this method. However, this method leads to a highly potent outcome, so proper dosing is important. Be sure to start low and slow!


2. Add a Few Drops to Your Favourite Beverages

Adding a few drops of CBD or THC oil allows you to get a good hit while also enjoying a refreshing drink! Some people add a few drops to their smoothie in the morning. Some delicious ideas include a green CBD oil smoothie or a THC orange peach smoothie.

You can also consume cannabis with other beverages, like tea or even alcoholic beverages. Cannabis-infused tinctures can be used for some incredible mocktails - check out some of our favourites here!


3. Add a Few Drops to Your Meals

Another way to enjoy your favourite cannabis oil, is to add a few drops to your favourite dishes. Add a few drops to roasted vegetables, salads, protein bites, or tacos. Just keep in mind that ingestion of cannabis is much slower than other methods, so you’ll want to be mindful of how much you use. Give your body more time to feel the effects before adding more.


4. Swallow a Drop or Two

Another extremely easy way to enjoy your favourite oil is orally. Your body metabolizes cannabis oil differently when you swallow it versus placing it underneath your tongue. Swallowing cannabis oil is similar to consuming edibles. Swallowing CBD oil may also be preferred for those who want it to reach their digestive systems.

You can also try CBD and THC oils in capsule form to make dosing easy! These resemble supplements and are a great way to use cannabis oil with minimal effort.


5. Bake It Into Your Favourite Desserts

If you have a sweet tooth, baking cannabis oils into your favourite desserts may be for you. The advantage of this method is that you likely won’t taste the cannabis flavour at all, but you can still enjoy its effects. When baking with cannabis oil, choosing desserts that can be cooked at lower temperatures is best to avoid burning and diluting the THC.

You can add cannabis oil to your favourite cookies, brownies, pies, or bread. If you prefer candies, you can also infuse cannabis oil into your own gummies. If you don't feel like being a chef today, you can also pick up edibles at Canna Cabana!


6. Create a Topical Paste

Cannabis oil also makes a great topical paste. Use a dropper to add a few drops of CBD or THC oil to your favourite coconut oil for wonderfully soothing cream that smells incredible.

You can also add cannabis oil to your favourite lotion products for an easy-to-use product. CBD oil mixes well with coconut oil because of its high fatty acid content. Don't want to spend time making topical paste? Check out our cannabis infused creams!


How Not To Use Cannabis Oil

You have a lot of great options when it comes to cannabis consumption. But, while you can enjoy the wellness benefits of CBD oil in your breakfast smoothie or lunch, you should never attempt to vape cannabis oil. Cannabis oil is not meant for vaporizing, and poses several health risks.