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All About Cannabis Oil

All About Cannabis Oil

Cannabis oil is a discreet, smoke-free way of consuming cannabis. For those who don’t like to smoke, or for those who want a mess-free way to consume, oils offer a simple experience without much set up or expertise. Cannabis oils are often chosen for their versatility and for their simplicity: as oils do not come in the thousands of strains available in dried flower, they are usually chosen based on flavour, potency, or being indica, sativa, or hybrid.

Even though it is consumed differently to shatter, wax, or other dabbables, cannabis oil is also actually a type of concentrate!


What is in cannabis oil?

Every recipe is different, but in general, all cannabis oil is made of extract and a carrier oil, such as MCT or coconut oil. Full-spectrum oils contain the full range of terpenes and cannabinoids of the strain they are extracted from, while isolates will not. The biggest difference between these oils is the flavour: isolates will have minimal flavour, while full-spectrum oils will taste like cannabis. Choose which is best for your own needs!

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Ways to Use Cannabis Oil

Place Drops Under Your Tongue

Consuming cannabis oil sublingually, AKA under your tongue, is the easiest way to enjoy cannabis oil. When consumed this way, the cannabinoid bypass your stomach. This mean they are more directly absorbed into the bloodstream, leading to faster onset.


Add Oil to Your Favourite Food & Drinks

Add a few drops to roasted vegetables, sales, protein bites, tacos, and more. Simply mix into your dish after cooking, and see what delicious recipes you can create!

Alternatively, try mixing your favourite cannabis oil with your morning smoothie or green juice. Note that to properly mix cannabis with thinner beverages like tea or fruit juice, you’ll need to create a cannabis tincture—keep it simple with a smoothie!

Cannabis oil is a great DIY format, ready to mix with food, beverages, or lotions.


Swallow a Few Drops

Another simple way to consume, swallowing cannabis oil is similar to consuming edibles. Onset is slower, as your body metabolizes cannabis oil differently when you swallow it versus placing it under your tongue.


Bake With It

Baking with cannabis oil is a great way to consume it while masking the cannabis taste. When baking with cannabis oil, choose desserts that can be cooked at lower temperatures to prevent burning and diluting your THC.

Add cannabis oil to cookies, brownies, pie, breads, and more. For the more experienced chef, you can also create your own gummies!


Create a Topical

Mix a few drops of CBD of THC oil with coconut oil or even shea butter to create a simple topical right at home. For an even better experience, you can try adding other scents in the form of essential oils like peppermint, eucalyptus, or lavender.

Forgot to pick up your usual CBD topical, and now the store is closed? You can also add CBD oil to your favourite lotions in a pinch!

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A Word About Safety

While you have a lot of great options when it comes to cannabis oil, vaping is not one of them. It isn’t safe for vaporizing, and poses several health risks. If you’d prefer to vape your cannabis, try alternatives like a vape cart and battery, or a dry herb vape and your favourite flower.