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A Brief History of Hash

A Brief History of Hash

Hash is proof of how diverse the mighty cannabis plant can be. Dating back thousands of years, ancient civilizations have been pressing cannabis plants to create hash, whether for laid back, every day consumption or a kick in the pants creatively.

It’s a mighty substance, stronger and more flavorful than standard flower, and it has a history just as bold and interesting as the high it brings on. Hash was born in the Arabian peninsula and, thanks to its flavor, strength, and coveted effects, it made its way around the world… and maybe even into your stash jar all the way over here in Canada.

Where does hash come from?

Hash has been enjoyed across many cultures for thousands of years. Its exact origins have been debated by scholars, creatives and religious leaders for centuries, and will continue to be, as everyone wants to stake their claim on the creation (and earliest adoption) of this now globally-enjoyed OG cannabis concentrate.

One of the earliest recorded mentions of hash consumption can be found in One Thousand and One Nights, a collection of Middle Eastern folk tales written in Arabic during the Islamic Golden Age (in the English-speaking world, we’ve nicknamed these texts Arabian Nights). The mention of this substance in the book proves that hash had been widely used throughout Iran and the Arabian peninsula dating back as far as the year 1000 AD. 

Twelfth century Egyptians make mention of casual hashish consumption in ancient pamphlets and, just one hundred years later, hash started popping up in the then-Mongol Empire, what we know as modern-day Central Asia. Tales of the substance’s otherworldly effects had spread like wildfire across the sea and, fast forward a few hundred years, and hash had trickled into Europe, where it soon became a coveted treat amongst literary circles and creatives. 

Hash has an international footprint and colorful, multicultural history. And, thanks to its ever-increasing popularity in cannabis culture, its future is still being written.

How is hash cultivated?

Cultivators create hash by collecting dried resin and kief from the flowers of female cannabis plants and pressing them into a compact mass - you may have heard this called a brick, block, or cake of hash. Take a chunk of that dense, compact matter and you’ve got yourself some hash to smoke.

There are different varieties of hash that are created by different methods of manufacturing the product. Sometimes the dried resin and kief are collected by hand. In other cases, cannabis plants are fully submerged in icy cold water, and the resin is strained through and then dried: this specific process creates a substance we call bubble hash

Hash bricks can vary in density and color. They can be soft and somewhat powdery and pliable or more rigid and brittle to the touch. Different varieties of hash range in color from blacks and browns to even reds, greens and yellows, depending on the type of cannabis plant used to make it. 

How is hash consumed?

A substance as old as hash needs no fancy frills or tricks to enjoy it. Its versatility and ease of use are part of the reason it has remained so prevalent. You can roll up some hash in a blunt, joint or spliff, preferably among some cannabis flower or your favourite other dried herb. You can even pop some hash into a spoon pipe or bong and let it rip.

Hash, like regular cannabis, is soluble in oil, butter and other fats, so it’s a great tool for making yummy infused edibles. Most notably, hash brownies have been popular for decades. The ancient Egyptians were rumored to snack on hash throughout the day, whereas ancient Arabic cultures opted to smoke it.

Fast forward to the present day and, aside from being used in the kitchen, hash can also be further refined into hash oil. Hash oil is a gooey, thick substance that can be “dabbed” with an oil rig or loaded into a pen for vaping-- modern day inventions that would knock the socks off any 11th century toker. Try it for yourself to see why hash has made waves around the world since, arguably, the beginning of recorded history.

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