Balmoral Strain

The Balmoral strain boasts a big flavour and anyone that loves a good cheese will be besotted with Balmoral. This strain was crafted by Canadian LP, Tweed Inc and has become increasingly popular over the years. 

The phenotype of UK Cheese is recognized for its strong scent, paired with its ability to provide a potent high that sends smokers into a tranquil and relaxed state. This completely new strain may be a variety of UK Cheese but it’s a new strain in its own right. 

This strain was created for recreational use with an average THC level of 13 to 18 percent, putting smokers into deep relaxation without knocking them out completely. 

  • Relaxed – 10/10
  • Uplifted – 10/10
  • Focused – 5/10
  • Sleepy – 5/10
  • Happy – 3/10
THC Content % 13% to 18%
CBD % 0.07%
Indica/Sativa % 40%/50%


Balmoral has a pungent, cheesy smell with a musky skunk scent, reminiscent to the flavors of a lush, green garden. You can smell the rich aromas from the forest green buds that smell like a mixture of the outdoors and the finest blue cheese. 

How Does it Taste

The Balmoral strain has a distinct creamy taste that’s smooth on the inhale with notes of blue cheese. The delightful strain leaves a combination of spicy and sweet on the exhale, leaving the smoker wanting to take another draw.

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