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America, 1953. Behind closed doors, the CIA launches a mind-control program known as MK Ultra. All across the country, hidden in hospitals, universities, and prisons, they began to experiment on often unwitting subjects, testing their reactions to psychoactive drugs, hypnosis, and electroshock therapy.

Fifty years later, a now-infamous indica takes the High Times Cannabis Cup.

Named for the CIA program, MK Ultra is a heavyweight, sleepy strain that is widely regarded as one of the strongest indica-dominant hybrids on the market. It’s well-deserving of its title: as a powerfully cerebral, psychoactive smoke, Aurora’s MK Ultra doesn’t control your mind so much as leave it spinning.

This strain is a cross between OG Kush and indica G-13, two legends in the cannabis world. According to cannabis myth, in the 1960s the CIA and FBI collected the best marijuana strains from around the world and bred them to create new super-strains. One of these was supposedly G-13, also known as Government-13. While the story is most likely not true (even if we want it to be), G-13’s potency is definitely real. Its legacy lives on in MK Ultra, landing MK Ultra first place for “Best Indica” at the High Times Cannabis Cup in 2003, and then second place in 2004 for the same category.

MK Ultra was first bred by T.H. Seeds, one of the world’s oldest and most renowned cannabis seed companies. Since 1993, when they first opened CIA Cannabis in Amsterdam, they’ve developed several award-winning strains that cannaseurs around the globe will recognize: Sage n Sour, Bubblegum, and Darkstar, to name just a few. Their innovations and contributions to cannabis education earned them one of the first introductions to the High Times Seedbank Hall of Fame. We’d like to tip our secret-agent hat to them—on the sly, of course. We don’t want to blow our cover.

Aurora’s MK Ultra is the ultimate smoke. Its potent, earthy aroma reminds us of the Rocky Mountains after a rainstorm, with subtle flavours of wood, lemon, and pine. The inhale is smooth and easy, but hits us right away: our time with Aurora’s MK Ultra always leaves us dreaming of a refreshing lemonade after a long hike through the evergreens.

THC Content  14 – 26.5%
Indica / Sativa   80 – 20%*
CBD Content  0 -1%

* assumed

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The Effects of MK Ultra by Aurora

As its notorious name suggests, Aurora’s MK Ultra is powerfully cerebral. It’s known for its fast-acting, tranquilizing effects that hit hard and keep on hitting for hours. This indica-dominant strain takes us to a euphoric high that makes us sink into the cool cushions of our leather sectional. It teases the psychedelic, with hypnotic visuals and strong mind-melting effects.

MK Ultra is best for the evening, unless you’re looking for a full day of being glued to the couch. But hey, if it is that kind of day—we get it. No need to explain.

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The Grower

Aurora Cannabis Enterprises

Strain Name

MK Ultra


Indica-dominant hybrid

Terpene Profile

  • Myrcene 55%
  • Caryophyllene 20%
  • Limonene 20%

Aurora MK Ultra Reviews

Top Aurora MK Ultra Review on Leafly:

“An excellent relaxation and sleep strain with a very rich flavour. Perfect for nights on the couch with snacks as I get serious couch lock from this strain and some serious hunger.”

 –venomsnek, 5 stars

Top Aurora MK Ultra Review on Lift & Co.
“MK Ultra is a crowd-pleasing strain we try to keep in stock at our shop, and I’m glad we do! The 7 gram jars that came in this week were insanely strong at 24.6% thc. Always great for a chill evening or a very lazy afternoon. A staple for Aurora fans everywhere.”

Abbyyoung (Budtender), 4.5 stars

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