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Dispensary in Ontario, Canada



1491 Innisfil Beach Rd
Innisfil, Ontario
L9S 4B7


Phone: 705-431-8176


Store Hours

Monday-Sunday: 9AM - 11PM

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1491 Innisfil Beach Rd
Innisfil, Ontario
L9S 4B7


Phone: 705-431-8176


Store Hours

Monday-Sunday: 9AM - 11PM

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Canna Cabana Innisfil, Ontario

Cabana + Beach = Happiness. 🌞

Here's to us, Innisfil: from great natural spaces to great people, there's a reason people flock to our lovely town year after year.

Located on Innisfil Beach Rd, just by 20th Sideroad, our Cabana is the perfect pit stop on your way to some summer sun, refreshing waves, or stunning winter lakeside hikes. You can find our store surrounded by local staples like a grocery store, dollar store, LCBO, Canadian Tire, and tons of quick eats - don't forget to add us to your shopping list!

With sunny parks, lively folks, and beautiful nature all around, we're proud to be a part of our wonderful Innisfil community!

Buy edibles in Innisfil

Do you want to try something else because you're weary of smoking? Try some of our delectable cannabis edibles! Our Innisfil Cabana has a wide selection of edibles, so you're sure to find something you like! From the most sumptuous THC chocolate to delectable candies and thirst-quenching THC beverages., we have it all. Everything you'll need to have a good time with cannabis! Are you undecided about which edible you prefer? Come into our cannabis shop and seek help from our knowledgeable budtenders. They know everything there is to know about our edibles and will make sure you get something you'll enjoy!

Innisfil's best dispensary and smoke shop

If you're looking for the greatest cannabis items and smoking accessories, come to our Cabana in Innisfil. We also provide a large selection of smoking accessories, including bongsvaporizersbubbler pipes , rolling papers and more! Do you have no desire to roll your own joints? Don't worry, we've got you covered with pre-rolled joints! We've got everything you'll need for a fantastic smoking session. Come by our dispensary and take a look at our selection!

Order your weed online in Innisfil 

Are you short on time, but yet want to get your hands on your favorite cannabis products? You may effortlessly browse our online shop and place an order from the comfort of your own home! This manner, you can buy weed online quickly and save time compared to going to the store. All you have to do now is visit our legal cannabis shop in Innisfil to pick up your order. Are you not in close proximity to our Innisfil dispensary? No problem; we have over 85 dispensaries, so all you have to do is go through our locations to see whether one is near you. We look forward to seeing you in our Cabana soon!

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Canna Cabana Innisfil

Recent Reviews

This is now my favourite dispensary and I travel here from Barrie. Everyone who has helped me here has been extremely polite, friendly, and knowledgeable. The staff are all great. I really appreciate the low prices on flower and glass. I've purchased 3 bongs from here already. I got a "hammer" bubbler pipe here for like $8! That's amazing! Highly recommend this location in Innisfil for all your cannabis needs!

- Pretend

Absolutely amazing staff, extremely helpful. So many options for products they literally have it all. And with your name and phone number you get amazing deals, and we even got free gifts! Definitely recommend this spot.

- Mary

Really wonderful staff, they make great recommendations and are always extremely happy and helpful. The best dispensary I've ever been to. I find that staff at One Plant to be really snotty with attitude (consistent between Barrie and Ottawa locations), Star Buds is ok but nothing special... Canna Cabana has THE friendliest and knowledgeable staff. I would never go anywhere else at this point.

- Thera

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Frequently Asked Questions

Dispensary FAQs

Can I buy weed online?

Can I buy weed online at Innisfil?

Yes, you can! Simply visit our online shop, browse our catalog, and buy your weed online!

Can I buy edibles?

Can I buy edibles at Innisfil?

Yes! At Canna Cabana, we carry a wide selection of edibles of all types: chocolates, gummies, beverages, and more! You can either order our edibles online, or stop on by our Innisfil store and buy them there.

Legal Dispensary

Is this Ontario dispensary in a legal dispensary?

Yes! All Canna Cabanas are fully legal, licensed cannabis retailers.

How to get weed

How to get weed in Innisfil?

Pst—you want weed, we’ve got weed. As a licensed cannabis retailer, we offer a wide selection of dried flower, edibles, concentrates, and more! If you’re looking for weed in Innisfil, drop on by your local Canna Cabana, or order your weed with us online.

Does Canna Cabana take credit cards?

Does Canna Cabana take credit cards?

Yes! We accept several different payment methods, including credit cards and cash.

Does Canna Cabana check my ID?

Does Canna Cabana check my ID?

We gotta do it, that’s the law! We will check your ID at every Canna Cabana to ensure that you are of legal age to buy weed, edibles, or smoking accessories.

Do I need a prescription to buy cannabis at Canna Cabana?

Do I need a prescription to buy cannabis at Canna Cabana Innisfil?

That’s the great thing about legalization: you don’t need a prescription to buy cannabis at any of our dispensaries! We work just like a regular retail store: simply drop in, pick what you like, and walk out with a smile on your face.

Can I buy pre-rolled joints at Canna Cabana?

Can I buy pre-rolled joints at Canna Cabana Innisfil?

Yes! At our Innisfil store, in addition to dried flower, edibles, and concentrates, you can also buy pre-rolled joints. Our selection is always growing: check back every week to see which new strains now come in pre-rolls!

Store Open

Is the Innisfil store open to the public?

Yes! Our Innisfil store is open to the public, like every Canna Cabana dispensary. Just drop on by to find the green you need—see you there soon!