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Dispensary in Manitoba, Canada

Pembina Hwy


584 Pembina Highway Unit 23
Winnipeg, Manitoba
R3M 3X7


Phone: 204-560-2262


Store Hours

Monday-Saturday: 10AM-10PM Sunday: 10AM-6PM

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584 Pembina Highway Unit 23
Winnipeg, Manitoba
R3M 3X7


Phone: 204-560-2262


Store Hours

Monday-Saturday: 10AM-10PM Sunday: 10AM-6PM

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In the middle of the town of Winnipeg, you’ll find this old META dispensary, which just turned into a Canna Cabana! We want to welcome this META store to the Cabana family, so make sure to visit this store soon!

This shop is located near the Pembina Highway, on a small area with other shops and restaurants. The shop is easily accessible, so it’s also perfect to go to when you’re on the road. 

Here at our new Canna Cabana, we know everything about smoking! Together with our crew, we have been busy creating places for smokers to come to and share their love for cannabis with each other. Since the legalization of cannabis, we’ve made it our mission to provide a positive and welcoming place for smoker, young and old, new and veteran. Welcome to our Cabana - we built it for you! 

Your favourite weed, here at Pembina Hwy

Like in any other Canna Cabana store, the store on Pembina Hwy offers high-quality weed, concentrates and waxes. We offer all kinds of cannabis strains like sativa, indica and hybrid strains

When you visit our store, you don’t have to order your weed from a tiny and confusing menu. We made a large menu, and displayed all of our weed on the floor, with a description next to it! In this way, you can browse through our store at your own pace, and look for a flower that suits you best! If you’re not sure which weed is best for you, you can ask our budtenders for help. They can assist you and help you find the flower you need! Next to that, our budtenders will also always keep you updated about our special weekly deals, promos and sweet giveaways! 

The tastiest edibles in Winnipeg!

Next to high-quality weed, we also offer the tastiest edibles. Edibles are a perfect alternative if you want to take in your daily doses of THC in another way! At our dispensary, you’ll find different edibles like tasty candies, baked goods, THC chocolate and refreshing THC beverages. The edibles are easy to dose, since the exact amount of THC used in the edibles is described on the package. 

If you don’t know which edible to try, you can always ask our budtenders for help. They can advise you on which edible to buy. Our budtenders can tell you everything about edibles, but it’s best that you experience them for yourself! 

All round dispensary and smoke shop

Now you have the best weed you can buy, you also need the right tools to smoke your products! And, of course, Canna Cabana has these products for you! We offer a large selection of the best smoking accessories, for you to make the best out of your smoking session. Our collection consists of bongs, hand pipes, rolling papers, dab rigs, storage bins and more! 

You can check out the products of our popular brands like Famous Brandz, 7ACRES, GRAV, Arizer and more! 

Buy your weed online

At Canna Cabana, we’ve made a simple solution for when you don’t have time to visit our store. We’ve made it possible for you to buy weed online! All you have to do is browse our online shop and select the products you want. After that, you only have to pick up your order at the store, whenever you want! 

Is the Pembina Hwy store too far away for you? You can check out our other stores to see if there’s a dispensary near you!  We hope to see you soon at our Canna Cabana shop!

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Canna Cabana Pembina Hwy

Recent Reviews

Great place for deals. The membership is great for saving money. Would highly recommend. “Andrew” was able to help me with everything and answer all my questions. Great service

- Alexander

First time in to Canna Cabana, very impressed. The young gentleman that helped me out had a perfect knowledge of the flower he was showing me. Thanks you very much for your kelp, Kyle. Your recommendation to try the strain Orange Tingz was fantastic. Will be back.

- Jesse

Great prices on bottom-shelf flowers. Best parking situation, even at rush hour. Its transition to giant chain distro didn't seem to wreck the place.

- Clark

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Frequently Asked Questions

Dispensary FAQs

Can I buy weed online?

Can I buy weed online at Pembina Hwy ?

Yes, you can! Simply visit our online shop, browse our catalog, and buy your weed online!

Can I buy edibles?

Can I buy edibles at Pembina Hwy ?

Yes! At Canna Cabana, we carry a wide selection of edibles of all types: chocolates, gummies, beverages, and more! You can either order our edibles online, or stop on by our Winnipeg store and buy them there.

Legal Dispensary

Is this Manitoba dispensary in a legal dispensary?

Yes! All Canna Cabanas are fully legal, licensed cannabis retailers.

How to get weed

How to get weed in Winnipeg?

Pst—you want weed, we’ve got weed. As a licensed cannabis retailer, we offer a wide selection of dried flower, edibles, concentrates, and more! If you’re looking for weed in Winnipeg, drop on by your local Canna Cabana, or order your weed with us online.

Does Canna Cabana take credit cards?

Does Canna Cabana take credit cards?

Yes! We accept several different payment methods, including credit cards and cash.

Does Canna Cabana check my ID?

Does Canna Cabana check my ID?

We gotta do it, that’s the law! We will check your ID at every Canna Cabana to ensure that you are of legal age to buy weed, edibles, or smoking accessories.

Do I need a prescription to buy cannabis at Canna Cabana?

Do I need a prescription to buy cannabis at Canna Cabana Pembina Hwy ?

That’s the great thing about legalization: you don’t need a prescription to buy cannabis at any of our dispensaries! We work just like a regular retail store: simply drop in, pick what you like, and walk out with a smile on your face.

Can I buy pre-rolled joints at Canna Cabana?

Can I buy pre-rolled joints at Canna Cabana Pembina Hwy ?

Yes! At our Pembina Hwy store, in addition to dried flower, edibles, and concentrates, you can also buy pre-rolled joints. Our selection is always growing: check back every week to see which new strains now come in pre-rolls!

Store Open

Is the Pembina Hwy store open to the public?

Yes! Our Pembina Hwy store is open to the public, like every Canna Cabana dispensary. Just drop on by to find the green you need—see you there soon!