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Cannabis Store in British Columbia, Canada

Fort St John Cannabis Store


10027 100 St
Fort St John, British Columbia
V1J 3Y5


Phone: (778)-844-0683


Store Hours

Monday-Sunday: 9AM-10PM

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10027 100 St
Fort St John, British Columbia
V1J 3Y5


Phone: (778)-844-0683


Store Hours

Monday-Sunday: 9AM-10PM

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Where to get weed in St John

On Fort St.John in British Columbia, you’ll find our Canna Cabana which is heaven on earth, with eye-catching scenery. You can find the perfect bud in town that in best price. Our friendly staff members have more than 10 years of experience in making safe places for smokers to meet up and share their love for cannabis. 

The cheapest recreational cannabis store in St John

Our Canna Cabana in St.John is the go-to place for each sort of weed lover. Our mission is to create a positive and welcoming place for all kinds of smokers, young and old, new to the scene and the ones that have always been around. Ask our experienced crew mates for some great advice! Next to that, they will also always let you know about our weekly promos and amazing giveaways!

Cheap weed in St John

There’s no card needed if you want to purchase our products. You can also pay with cash. Here in St.John, in the cheapest dispensary in Columbia, you don’t have to order from the confusing menu.  We’ve displayed all our strains on the floor with a description next to them. In this way, you can take your time to roam around the store and search for your favorite product. Next to every product, you will find a card with additional information. Have a question? Do not hesitate to reach out to our budtenders - they are happy to help!

Order weed in St John

Have a busy day ahead and don’t have time to roam around our store in person? No problem!  May we introduce - our weed pickup service? Simply buy weed online on our webshop, pay your order in advance, and we will pick up your goods for you. This way, you can pick up your order whenever you feel like it or are in the neighborhood. And if that wouldn’t be enough, we have even more good news for you - in our recreational dispensary, you can buy weed without a cannabis card!  

Buy THC edibles in St John

Loving weed, but not being a huge fan of smoking? Totally understandable! Therefore, we also offer THC edibles for those who do not want to give up some relaxation in the evening. Regardless of if you crave THC chocolate, THC candies or are desiring some THC beverages. Can’t choose? Just ask our budtenders, they are there to help you!

CBD cannabis store in St John

Did you know that Cannabis can be used for skin care as well? Believe it or not, cannabis is not only useful for getting a good high, no, but you can also use it to do something nice for your skin. Among our CBD products, you will find CBD bath bombs to relax with some candles and a glass of wine in the bathtub, or CBD cream to treat your skin afterward, we got everything you desire. 

Best recreational cannabis store in St John

Weed strains, THC edibles, CBD products - can you guess what else you can find in our shop? That’s right, smoking accessories! With our premium smoking accessories, you get the maximum out of your weed. Regardless of if you are looking for rolling papers, vaporizers, or pre-rolled joints; we got everything you need just waiting for you to be discovered. So, come by and check them out!

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Canna Cabana Fort St John

Recent Reviews

Awesome deals and amazing Staff, I seem to get helped out by Cat & Echo most often. They are both lovely to chat with and are knowledgeable about the products the store carries! Thanks Ladies!! 😁🤘✌️

- Frodi

I worked for Canna Cabana myself, but moving to fsj, the rep helping me was very informative with all areas and products of the entire store. Very friendly. It is so easy to shop here, and prices are unbeatable

- Melissa

Since i was fired jason F has shown huge improvement, i went in for all the butane today and his customer service was exceptional as well as he was much more comfortable with making the sale. Props and great improvement Jason!

- Todd

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Frequently Asked Questions

Cannabis Store FAQs

Can I buy weed online?

Can I buy weed online at Fort St John?

Yes, you can! Simply visit our online shop, browse our catalog, and buy your weed online!

Can I buy edibles?

Can I buy edibles at Fort St John?

Yes! At Canna Cabana, we carry a wide selection of edibles of all types: chocolates, gummies, beverages, and more! You can either order our edibles online, or stop on by our Fort St John store and buy them there.

Legal Dispensary

Is this British Columbia dispensary in a legal dispensary?

Yes! All Canna Cabanas are fully legal, licensed cannabis retailers.

How to get weed

How to get weed in Fort St John?

Pst—you want weed, we’ve got weed. As a licensed cannabis retailer, we offer a wide selection of dried flower, edibles, concentrates, and more! If you’re looking for weed in Fort St John, drop on by your local Canna Cabana, or order your weed with us online.

Does Canna Cabana take credit cards?

Does Canna Cabana take credit cards?

Yes! We accept several different payment methods, including credit cards and cash.

Does Canna Cabana check my ID?

Does Canna Cabana check my ID?

We gotta do it, that’s the law! We will check your ID at every Canna Cabana to ensure that you are of legal age to buy weed, edibles, or smoking accessories.

Do I need a prescription to buy cannabis at Canna Cabana?

Do I need a prescription to buy cannabis at Canna Cabana Fort St John?

That’s the great thing about legalization: you don’t need a prescription to buy cannabis at any of our dispensaries! We work just like a regular retail store: simply drop in, pick what you like, and walk out with a smile on your face.

Can I buy pre-rolled joints at Canna Cabana?

Can I buy pre-rolled joints at Canna Cabana Fort St John?

Yes! At our Fort St John store, in addition to dried flower, edibles, and concentrates, you can also buy pre-rolled joints. Our selection is always growing: check back every week to see which new strains now come in pre-rolls!

Store Open

Is the Fort St John store open to the public?

Yes! Our Fort St John store is open to the public, like every Canna Cabana dispensary. Just drop on by to find the green you need—see you there soon!

Legal Dispensary

Is weed legal in Fort St John?

Absolutely! At our cannabis store in Fort St John, and in all Canna Cabanas across Canada, all products we sell are fully legal. Each Cabana is a licensed retailer, meaning that everything we sell is fully legal, approved, and ready for you to take home! Browse our wide selection of legal cannabis products like flower, edibles, concentrates, topicals, and more, all with zero worries.

As per regulations, we require you to verify you are of legal age to view our Website and Shop online. If our products look blurry, please LOGIN for the full website experience