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White Widow Strain by 7ACRES

Since the mid 90s, this notorious strain has needed no introduction. First bred in the Netherlands, White Widow rocketed to the forefront of Dutch marijuana culture right from its debut. Its first claim to fame was winning the High Times Cannabis Cup way back in the good ol’ days of 1995—a preview of the greatness yet to come.

White Widow’s true origins are a hot debate. Over the years, many have claimed to have created it, but the most likely creator is founder and master grower Scott Blackey (better known as Shantibaba) of Green House Seeds in Amsterdam. Shantibaba, sometimes called the Guru of Cannabis Genetics, is the father of many strains that are household names today, like other “white” series strains White Shark and White Rhino.

In 1994, Shantibaba partnered with cannabis legend Neville Schoenmakers (yes, that Neville) to begin Green House Seeds, where they could experiment with new strains and explore their obsessions with plant genetics. But while their strains together won countless awards and made the two millionaires, tensions rose and egos clashed. The two famously split, and Shantibaba formed his own new seed bank: Mr. Nice Seeds. The debate over ownership of Green House’s strains, including White Widow, remains to this day. As Shantibaba and Mr. Nice Seeds no longer have the copyright permissions for the name, they re-created their original strain and re-named it for sale under the title “Black Widow.”

White Widow is a true product of 90s ingenuity. As many growers did not have access to expensive greenhouse set-ups and digital controls, White Widow owes much of its early fame due to how easy it was to grow for first timers. White Widow is a cross of two landrace strains, a Brazilian sativa and a South Indian indica, both of which had to survive harsh outdoor conditions. This makes it ideal for those just starting out: a bit of fluctuation in humidity or temperature aren’t a big deal to White Widow!

7ACRES’s White Widow is a perfect take on an old classic. Its aroma is filled with undertones of sandalwood, herbs, and spices, and reminds us of a forest beneath the moonlight sky. The taste is subtle, but it’s there—musky and woody on a super smooth inhale. As its name suggests, 7ACRES’s White Widow is covered in visually prominent white trichomes that cover it like a layer of frost. It’s everything a good White Widow should be, and more.

THC Content  14.5 – 21%
Indica / Sativa   50 -50% *
CBD Content   0 -1%


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The Effects of White Widow

7ACRES White Widow’s combination of sativa and indica brings us into the best of both worlds, eliciting powerful explosions of energy and happiness with a relaxing, even backdrop. It’s potent, then subtle, then potent again. It stimulates the imagination and stokes the fire of late night conversations.

This strain is an optimal choice for socializing, writing poetry, going on afternoon walks, taking a yoga class, or watching Billy Idol music videos (it’s a great day for a … White Widow). It’s a go-to strain of many, welcoming frequent weed consumers like an old friend. It’s one of our best buds, bud.

The Grower

7ACRES in Kincardine, Ontario

Strain Name

White Widow


Balanced Hybrid

Terpene Profile

  • Myrcene 30%
  • Terpinolene 15%
  • Alpha/Beta Pinene 10%

7ACRES White Widow Reviews

Top 7ACRES White Widow Review on Leafly:

“A classic done right! I would recommend this strain and producer to all.”

mattysfattys, 5 stars

Top 7ACRES White Widow Review on Lift & Co.
” I am a big fan of all of 7 Acres cultivars and this is a top notch pick! Would buy again and do recommend.”