7ACRES Jack Haze Strain

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Jack Haze is a perfectly potent smoke cultivated with the highest respect for nature, and crosses Super Silver Haze x Jack Herer in this sativa-dominant hybrid. Growers at 7ACRES are focused on helping the foliage flourish; they regularly talk to the cannabis, and they’ve been known to sing to it as well.

7ACRES Jack Haze is among other famed Canadian genetics named after Jack Herer, a well-known activist who rose to fame as an important cannabis advocate and the author of The Emperor Wears No Clothes. But the origins of 7ACRES come from an unsung hero: a father named Peter Herburger who founded 7Acres in 2014. He became involved in cannabis to help his daughter deal with chronic pain.

Jack Herer is famous for its spicy aroma, with the Super Silver Haze genetics lending an earthy, vegetable sweetness to this craft cannabis strain. Kind of like smoking an old-timey carrot cake.

THC Content  18-23%
Indica / Sativa   10% / 90%*
CBD Content   0-1%


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The Effects of Jack Haze

Jack Haze, as the name implies, induces an insightful fog. The creativity starts in our stomachs before spreading into our fingers and toes, shooting out like light beams at a Pink Floyd laser show. We don’t need no education – this strain is giving us all sorts of ideas.

There’s plenty of energy, laughter, and euphoria too – they flow from our pores like lava. We tend to smoke this strain before heading to Mac’s for snacks, always pausing to perform a flash mob in the condiment aisle.

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The Grower

7ACRES in Kincardine, ON

Strain Name

Jack Haze


Sativa-Dominant Hybrid

Terpene Profile

  • Terpineol: 40%
  • Myrcene: 20%

7ACRES Jack Haze Reviews

Top 7ACRES Jack Haze Review on Leafly:

“holy cow! I’ve never felt such an uplifting effect before. this strain is great for lightening up your mood. not only that, but you still feel incredibly focused and in controloof yourself. definitely one strain you don’t want to miss out on. I would say the perfect time to smoke this would be before going out with your buddies. it puts you in a phenomenal mood and your head still feels clear. perfect for when you and your friends have a long night ahead of you.” – AnonMonkey, 5 stars 
Top 7ACRES Jack Haze Review on Lift & Co.
“Jack Haze is a perfect combination of traditional haze strains and the classic Jack Herer. Nice uplifting clear headed high, this is perfect for spending the day outside or doing a project around the house. Buds are dense and trichome filled, with a sweet piney aroma with undertones of spice. 7 ACRES is Killing it!!” – Mary Jane & Chey, 4.5 stars

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