7ACRES Jack Haze (Jack Herer) – Strain

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Created by Sensi Seeds in the 80s and 90s, this sativa-leaning strain is named in honor of the late American cannabis activist Jack Herer. A pillar in the cannabis world, Jack Herer is as star-studded as they come: the winner of nine Cannabis Cup titles and countless awards, it’s a legend unlike any other.

Today, Jack Herer is a favourite of both amateur and professional growers alike. While it is a Sensi Seeds creation, nowadays its popularity has spread it far and wide, with virtually every major seedbank carrying their own version of this legendary bud. It’s also the parent of several well-known strains, including Jack the Ripper, Cinderella 99, Incredible Hulk, and Amnesia.

At first a head shop owner, Jack Herer—the man, not the bud—became a prominent cannabis activist throughout the 70s, and continued until his death in 2009. In 1985, he published his book The Emperor Wears no Clothes, a compilation of a dozen years of Herer’s research on the cannabis plant in different industries, like energy, food, textiles, and medicine. Close to a cannabis textbook, smokers and activists have handed The Emperor Wears No Clothes to their family and friends for decades, hoping to change their minds on legalization. Jack’s book has truly gone down in history: for it, he was inducted into the Counterculture Hall of Fame!

As a cross of two classic sativas, the Jack Herer strain gives us a throwback sativa aroma and flavour profile: orange, flowers, lemon, and hints of pine. With pale, sticky buds, Jack Herer is lightly floral in the jar, with many describing the scent as herbal and fresh.

There are several different phenotypes of Jack Herer on the market—some that are mostly sativa, and some that lean slightly indica. 7ACRES’s Jack Haze is a Jack Herer phenotype bred for its potent sativa properties, citrus and pepper notes, and its sweet notes of a haze cultivar.


THC Content   High
Indica / Sativa    45 / 55% (assumed)
CBD Content    0 – 1%




The Effects

Super social, this bud what we bring to the perfect blunt rotation. Famous for fueling the mind, we also love smoking this before we start our weekend writing session, our exam review, or before we crack open our textbooks.

Jack Herer’s uplifting aroma and effects make it one of our favourite wake and bake strains, great for days when we want to get creative or brainstorm ideas for our next book. Look out, The Emperor Wears New Clothes: we’re about to release the next bestseller.

The Grower

Supreme Cannabis Co.

Strain Name

Jack Herer (phenotype named Jack Haze)


Sativa-leaning Hybrid

Terpene Profile

  • Terpinolene
  • Beta-Caryophyllene
  • Nerolidol
  • Eucalyptol
  • Myrcene

Jack Haze (Jack Herer) Reviews


Top Jack Herer review on Leafly:

“great strain! it took me a while to get around to trying this perennial favorite, but it was immediately clear why it’s so popular. one of the magical things about some strains is the capacity to get you out of your chair and inspire you to do a creative project.”

m…….g, 5 stars

Top 7ACRES Jack Haze review on Lift.co:

7 acres never disappoints jack haze is no exception

Jack Haze is a perfect combination of traditional haze strains and the classic Jack Here. Nice uplifting clear headed high, this is perfect for spending the day outside or doing a project around the house. Buds are dense and trichome filled, with a sweet piney aroma with undertones of spice. 7 ACRES is Killing it!!”
Mary Jane and Chey, 4.5 stars